How I Spent Days In Dubai, UAE

I landed in Dubai, UAE on 22nd November 2011 and spent eight days there. It was great experience of my life. I worked and stayed with people from different countries. I had two workers. First day I worked with Nepalese and Bangladeshi. Second day worked with Bangladeshi just. Nepalese was better, more cooperative and nicer.

There were workers from different parts of the world. Most of them were from Philippine, Nigeria, Kenya, India and Pakistan.

I’ve remember a nice conversation of my cousin with Nigerian girl and Kenyan guy when we were taking lunch in the hotel. Kenyan guy was flirting and joking with Nigerian girl. My cousin joined them and made fun of Kenyan guy that Kenyans people weren’t good. But I said “No, Kenyans people aren’t that bad even Obama has some connection to Kenya”. Kenyan guy laughed and said to me “oh my friend, you’re so right. I don’t have change that I could give you something”.

Then some people there left and then I, Nigerian and a Bangladeshi guy left. Bengali guy to Kenyan “You know why the Nigerian girl isn’t impressed by you?” Nigerian guy said “No”. “Because you’re not strong and healthy like other black people”. Bengali guy said.

“You know whats a men’s beauty?” Nigerian asked. “Face” Bengali said. Nigerian rejected. “Body” Bengali said. Nigerian rejected again.” Money” Nigerian said. I really enjoyed that conversation.

Everyday I woke up on 6:15 A.M, left accommodation place on 7:15 A.M Everyday I used to see Sharja from the company bus. In those days when I wasn’t on job, I used to walk in streets of Sonapur, Dubai in evening.


6 thoughts on “How I Spent Days In Dubai, UAE”

  1. Do you ever wish you had stayed longer? or did it feel more like slave labor as you’ve talked about the pay being really bad? I love hearing guys banter, it’s funny! Have a good day Nafees! ….Paula x

  2. It’s already been a little over a year when you’d visited Dubai. Sorry to hear that it didn’t quite work out. Unless the pay is decent enough for you to live comfortably and make savings, it’s not worth leaving your country and family.

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