My Own Private Idaho-I Didn’t Like The Movie Much

Keanu Reeves is an awesome and talented actor. I loved most of his movies. But My Own Private Idaho couldn’t impress me much. I didn’t watch that movie full because I got bored.

When I checked about My Own Private Idaho on imdb then amazing thing I came to know that the story is written is by English writer William Shakespeare. Maybe that would be reason of 7.0 imdb rating otherwise I didn’t find any interesting thing in the film.

I hadn’t watch romantic movies for weeks so I though that drama romance could make my time joyful but it didn’t happen. I thought Keanu Reeves’ that movie would be like his other movies like Sweet November, Matrix, Speed, Constantine, The Devil’s Advocate and Henry’s Crime etc.


10 thoughts on “My Own Private Idaho-I Didn’t Like The Movie Much”

  1. Actually, it’s BASED on Shakespeare, but it’s mostly improvised. I have bought the “screenplay” – and it’s different from the final movie, because Gus Van Sant allowed the actors to improvise on set (see the campfire scene).
    And you need to like some kind of stories to appreciate this one! 😉
    (can you tell I’m a Keanu expert?) 😀

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