English Vinglish-A Troubled Indian Woman in America


I prefer watching Hollywood movies so rarely I watch Bollywood films. Especially family drama isn’t my favorite genre.

English Vinglish is the story of an Indian woman who goes New York, America for attending her niece’s wedding. But she won’t know even a little English. That’s why even her family makes fun of her. She faces many problems in USA because of poor English. Then she decides to learn English and joins other foreigners with little English knowledge.

There she meets with Pakistani, African, Chinese and a French guy. The movie has 8.2 imdb rating which is great. I’d appreciate screenwriter and director who created such an awesome piece of art. Also there’s some comedy.

 English Winglish is all about a trouble woman who had little English knowledge but strong family values. She learnt English but she taught family values too.


10 thoughts on “English Vinglish-A Troubled Indian Woman in America”

  1. Nafees, thanks for blogging on this Bollywood movie. I also have seen this movie and no doubt it is a superb movie. And to add to your blog, if I may, the lead actress Sridevi acted in it after 15 years of staying out of acting… and what a superb performance to come back! I strongly recommend this movie for watching as even though the storyline revolves around the lady’s difficulties in learning an essential foreign language etc., but that’s just the representation… the core theme is something beyond and can be traced across geographic boundaries. Cheers!

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