Actor and Screenwriter

“A screenwriter forgets the whole world in its private room or house but an actor do that in public. That means an actor has stronger and more powerful imagination power than a screenwriter. Moreover, screenwriter got two big “Ss” i.e Sensitivity and shyness. But an actor got two big “Bs”  i.e boldness and bravery”. (by me, 26/07/2012)


15 thoughts on “Actor and Screenwriter”

      1. Yes , sometimes screenwriters can be more bold and brave than the actors , but they don’t get a chance to be the actors, IT ALL DEPENDS!

      2. screenwriters even can get chance but because of their shyness they cant act in front of public or camera, I know am a screenwriter myself. Thanks

      1. Raining (Liquid Sunshine) in Vancouver! for the weekend – so I’ll be drinking lots of hot tea and visiting all my blogger friends. You are amazing!!!

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