Running Scared-Paul Walker In Action

Me and Paula (my WordPress friend from Australia) love action movies. Two or three days ago I watched crime drama Running Scared and enjoyed. There were many action scenes from Paul Walker, actor of Fast & Furious. I’ve just watched Fast Five and I wasn’t sure that why movie lovers like Paul Walker. Maybe he couldn’t impress me as Vin Diesel’s opponent.

Now I watched Paul Walker with my favorite Hollywood actress Vera Fargima and they impressed me. Vera Fargima is no 2 favorite actress and you know who’s no 1; Kate Winslet 😉


Running Scared is thriller too but imdb hasn’t mentioned it. That’s story of 18 hours just. Everything is in hurry. Once you start watching the film then you can’t stop before finishing it.

Also I’d love to appreciate Wayne Kramer who is director and screenwriter of Running Scared. He wrote and directed the movie awesomely.


18 thoughts on “Running Scared-Paul Walker In Action”

  1. I am huge fan of Fast and Furious movies but I tell you, no one really watches them for Paul Walker (at least I don’t think so). Maybe for Vin Diesel or just the cool cars and the awesome stunts…
    However, this sounds like a pretty interesting movie and you’re usually right about thrillers so I’ll try and find this one and give it a shot.

  2. 🎄 Hi Nafees! *waving* that’s sweet mentioning me loving Action movies! They are so exciting to watch and they keep you on the edge of your seat! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🎉🎆🎅🎊🎇🎄

  3. Nafees, thanks for the like on my Blogging Map post. ‘Running Scared’ is a great little film, and not well known anywhere. This is just what I was writing about. Two people, worlds and cultures apart, communicating on the same wavelength, in different continents. Great stuff. Regards, Pete, England.

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