Women and Feelings

“It can be strange and wrong too but I guess so that women cover their emotions, feelings and thoughts more than their bodies”. By me (30th April 2012)


17 thoughts on “Women and Feelings”

  1. I personally don’t believe polls conducted many to arrive at a result as they never convey the real story…It differs from person to person… Not every woman’s that way… So bottom line is every woman is independent of the other in the way they think and approach their lives…

    Now this is my view… Think about it! 🙂

  2. LOl. That can be so true, Nafees! In Australia not just because of the heat, women are free to wear or not wear pretty much what they like! It goes with our very laid back lifestyles. It’s a choice and freedom thing! ……Paula x

  3. Depends! Especially if you live in a cold climate!! Canadian winters – we all bundle up. Interesting perspective on emotions. I enjoy expressing emotions – actually, I am rather outspoken. You have given me something to think about.

    1. you know that women all around the world love to cover their bodies, and they dont open them until its about deep love but most of times they hide their emotions even from their beloveds. Thanks Miss Canada 🙂

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