Johnny English 2003-Rowan Atkinson Movie

First I saw Johnny English Reborn and now I watched Johnny English which was released in 2003. Rowan Atkinson movie. Both films are full of fun because they have legend English comedy and entertaining character Mr. Bean in them . Trust me he’s the only British actor who worked his entire acting career in UK but earned fame like a Hollywood star all around the world. He has ability to make others laugh without speaking any words. On the other hand Steve Carrell can make people laugh with his voice.

Rowan Atkinson Johnny English

Johnny English 1 has many occasions when you couldn’t stop you to laugh badly. Although the film hasn’t much impressive imdb rating but I am sure that you guys will love his comedy. His all films are full of fun and things that make laugh. Action, adventure and comedy. That’s all you can see in the that funny film. Not only me but there are many other movie geeks and fun loving persons who are desperately waiting for Johnny English 3. I’m sure that if a director or producer wanna earn lots of money then this idea can boost its income and earning. Rowan Atkinson daughter is not popular and famous like her father. He became dad at age of 62 is strange to know and yeah he is only who can do thing like this.

Making sad people laugh is not easy thing to do. Rarely some special actors can do that. If you feeling down then I am not hesitant to recommend Rowan Atkinson movies and tv shows to enjoy and change your mood. Other Johnny English cast is not known but still a great funny film to see.


4 thoughts on “Johnny English 2003-Rowan Atkinson Movie”

  1. I took my kids to see this movie at the theatre when it came out years ago. I thought it was sooo funny and laughed so much. I am from England though, so I was already a huge Mr. Bean fan 🙂

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