Raining-First of Winter’s

WOW…Amazing and awesome…Its raining…First rain of winter. Blessings falling from sky. Raindrops are like magic water which cultivate my dead soul. they make it feel alive again.

Voice of falling rain drives me crazy like music does. I feel out this world when I listen and feel raining.

I know European, American, Canadian and some of Australian people don’t like raining in winter because of their cold weather. I’m not offending you, guys. But I posted this because I love rain even its cold winter because here in Pakistan we’ve warm weather most of time. So weΒ  Pakistani people love raining even in winter.

Happy Raining πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Raining-First of Winter’s”

  1. You can’t offend people by loving something! That’s great and a very positive attitude! never apologize for loving any thing! Keep raining in Pakistan rain god!! …….Paula x

  2. I love rain on any day. I love the music as it passes through the trees and lands on my metal roof. I love the feeling of being warm and cozy inside while it is wet and cold outside. I amy be weird – others have said so, LOL – but i love the rain!

  3. I love rain, too, since it means life and needed moisture when you live in a dry place! I love the sound of rain on the rooftop as well. Thanks for your thoughts and thank you for stopping by Travel Oops!

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