Steven Seagal-A Dangerous Man

I didn’t mean that what I written 😀 That’s name of Steven Seagal’s movie which I saw tow days ago. I loved the thriller movie which had a lot of action and crime too. Steve Seagal is all about action. He’s a curse for criminals and bad people.

I love to watch Steven Seagal’s movies because they don’t have action just but also they have awesome story. He’s a big name of Hollywood for his action films.

A Dangerous Man has average imdb rating but not bad. It’s a fact that most of American people don’t like action movies but Steven Seagal is a man who comes with a great action always. American people love to watch fantasy and animation. But an action film makes me feel better.

I won’t recommend all movie lovers this movie but it’s a great film for action lovers. They can enjoy an unbeaten martial artist who’s Steven Seagal.


5 thoughts on “Steven Seagal-A Dangerous Man”

  1. I watched a documentary on him some time back. He’s actually works as a reserve sheriff in his home town! For something like 20 years! Great martial artist and actor! Chow little brother! xx

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