Why I Love Raining In Winter

I love raining in all weathers but especially I do in winter because it makes me feel awesome and great. Most of winter rains are quiet and calm no thunder, no storm and no nasty winds.

Winter rains make streets and roads quiet and calm too. No noise, no heavy traffic, no people, no bullshit, no etc. That looks so natural and attractive.

It makes me feel so artistic when I sit in front of my computer, hearing raining voice outside, I imagine better. I more enjoy watching a movie in winter rain. In short words I love winter rain with no reason.


16 thoughts on “Why I Love Raining In Winter”

  1. It is very relaxing when you’re sat inside, I hate being outside in it though, mainly because here in England it is always cold and rainy aha!!

  2. I love the rain; always have.
    People ‘settle’ in rain, generally because of the negative ions in the air; they’re calming. Except, of course if it rains forever over days and weeks; then it can become a little depressing…! πŸ˜‰

  3. Now little brother, no swearing!! *laughing*
    I love listening to the rain and thunder, but hate driving in it! Scary:) just saw a kangaroo at the front of our property:) farmers here shoot them as they ruin crops. I love them!
    I say, run Joey for your life!! Chow Nafees xx

    1. yeah, driving in rain is dangerous and tough I think. Aw who would ask those people to not kill those lovely kangaroos. We’re not hungry at least. Thanks big sis. Wish you an awesome weekend πŸ™‚

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