Shooting in America-I’m Shattered

Last night I read about brutal and insane shooting in an American school. Many people got killed. Most of them were kids. That’s so unfair. Prayers for those innocent lives which became victim of a psycho act.

That’s what scars me about USA. every month I read about an accident like that happens in States. Killers kill for no reason. That’s so disgusting.

There’s no doubt in this thing that USA is on top in all fields like movies, sports, information technology and other sciences but they don’t give you a best living place like Australia, Canada, UK, Norway and other European countries do.

As I’ve dream to work in Hollywood so suppose if I get a chance to work in Hollywood films then I’ll not live there because of psycho things happen in there.


45 thoughts on “Shooting in America-I’m Shattered”

  1. America’s law to Bare Arms is crazy. I’m sure that’s the only reason we all get to sleep safer than they do! Sad sad day. It’s not the first time it’s happened in America and sadly won’t be the last! Those poor poor families!! My heart goes out to America! Another sad day. Guns are just medal.. But it takes people to shoot them!! This law to bare guns is a tragedy! X

    1. Unfortunately. the ‘right to bear arms’ is deeply entrenched in the american psyche and their way of life.
      The families and friends of the latest tragic shootings might start lobbying for gun reform after the shock has worn off.
      I am hoping that Barack Obama will be courageous enough to put it on the national agenda and convincce americans that the ‘wild west’ is behind them and the day of the gun-toting cowboy is over!

  2. I live in Texas USA and its very safe never see anything bad here in my town, but what is happening they are selling guns just to anybody and that is wrong.

    1. yeah thats a big problem that anybody can have a gun which is too dangerous. My aunt lives in Spring, Tx. Never heard a bad new from her. But you know USA is so big.

  3. Any country where the only people who are allowed to own guns is the military is the place to be afraid of. Governments kill and slaughter by thousands and millions. Yes, there are crazy people in America who do crazy things. There are also crazy people in all countries who do crazy things. In America, where there is a free press, these things are made known. In countries where there is no free press, these things happen, but are not made known to the public. Evil lives in the hearts of all men, no matter where they live. The only answer to evil is to acknowledge Christ. When this happens, there will be peace. Not until.

    1. yeah acknowledging God is must thing for bringing peace in societies. Bad things happening in other countries wont much matter as much as it is in States because you know America is a leading country.

      1. That is why we must hold on to our right to bear arms. Once our citizens are unarmed, we become like all other countries and then there will be on one to rescue the other countries or to rescue us.

      2. hm my another American friend thinks like you. You people have right to live your lives with your own ways so best of luck with arms and God bless America.

      3. You and I may not agree on all things, but there is good in every country. Whatever you may think of America, we do have freedoms that others can only dream of. We are free to date whomever we wish, choose the job or career we want and come and go without restrictions. I would not trade these things to live in a country where I am told who I have to marry, what job I will do and where I can’t or can go on my own. Mentally ill people live in every country. Some are suicide bombers, some torture people under government supervision and some kill children for no reason. Evil exists everywhere. Laws do not stop evil people from doing evil. At least in my country, the government still fears the citizens. Take away our guns and we will fear the government. Best to you, always

      4. yeah I know and thats why I love america but still violence and crimes ratio scars me. I dont compare america with Pakistan but I do it with other countries like canada, European countries, Australia etc.

      5. I have lived almost 58 years in America and I have never been a victim of violence. It happens, that is true. Some news sources would have people believe that Americans are constantly raping, robbing, murdering and otherwise causing trouble. Our crime rate is slightly higher than some equivalent countries, but countries like Canada also has far fewer citizens. Fewer citizens means a naturally lower crime rate.

  4. Psycho killings happen all over the world. You don’t need a gun to take a life. I think for someone who has never lived here has not the right to judge us as a nation. I don’t see rainbows, peace and prosperity in the UK, Norway, Canada, Australia, etc.

    A terrible tragedy has taken place, I don’t think we should use that one psycho killer to portray American life.

    A very proud American who guess what! Doesn’t own a gun.

    PS. Lest we not forget Hitler. That never happened in America. Do I think less of Germany? Certainly not.

    1. yeah you’re right and no one blaming whole America but still its fact that America hasnt peaceful society like other developed nations. Also America is a huge country so maybe their crimes are highlighted easily but average would be low. Whatever, I love America, most of my friends are Americans and my best relatives live in America.

      1. So Pakistan is peaceful? That’s news. You haven’t lived in our society, so don’t tell me what kind of society America has. People are so diverse, you are living in a bubble if you think other “developed” nations are peaceful. Don’t reply to this because I’d rather not hear your garbage. Thank you.

      2. Wow, Nafees!
        Sorry kiddo, she wasn’t reading and understanding what you were saying.
        Hope that someday the defensive attitudes of people that blocks communication will change.
        Peace & cheers!

      3. Well maybe if certain people didn’t make remarks about societies they know nothing about, there would be no reason for defense. Also, do not apologize on my behalf as you don’t know me. Lastly, is your comment made not out defense also?

        Wonderful communication skills, you have.

      4. Thanks Gita, I was going to make her comment unapproved first but then I thought may her negative comment could bring some positive results. yeah, we should hope and work for something positive πŸ™‚

      5. yeah I know and I told you that I never compare States to Pakistan. I compare America with developed nations like Canada, UK, Australia etc.

  5. To live without fear is strange to you? I suppose this means you live in fear. Maybe one day you will know what it means to live without fear. I find it very comforting to live without fear.

      1. You misunderstood, my friend. We are armed, therefore we do not have to fear that someone will one day say, “I will be dictator and you are no longer free.” This happens in some countries because the citizens have no way to defend their freedom. They are at the mercy of whomever decides to be in charge.

    1. yeah I live in fear, on Saturday, International Airport in our provincial capital got attacked by some terrorists. Two hours drive so am so near to danger zone, I’m afraid.

      1. So sorry for you, my friend. I do hope you get to realize a day when common peace prevails. Violence always makes me sad. There are people of violence all over the world. Makes you wonder why they are so unhappy that they feel the need to kill, destroy and keep others in a state of fear. Only God knows.

  6. I’m not going to get into the religious thing, and I’m not a fan of guns, but perspective matters a lot. America is huge, both in land mass and population. Consider this: The shootings in Colorado and in Connecticut happened 2,000 miles apart. In most other places, that would be two different countries. Put a huge number of people in a huge region, and things will happen; that’s just math. We also have a free press, which means you hear about these things when they happen. That’s not true in many, many places.

    There is not a “wild west” or “gun-toting cowboy” mentality here; I’ve lived all over the country, including in West Texas, where if there were one, it would be. That’s an image that comes from movies and TV shows (sad to say, mostly ones made here) and empty political rhetoric, and it’s a false image. I’m 44, have lived in nine states throughout the country, and have seen one act of gun violence in my life. The guy didn’t shoot anyone with it; he used it as a club. If he hadn’t had it, I have zero doubt he’d have picked up a rock.

    I do not own a gun, and never have. I live on the outskirts of a big city considered fairly dangerous by our own standards. Yet, I feel safe going out anytime I feel like it. I’m going to pick up my guy at the airport later today, and I’ll never spare a thought to something horrible happening there. I don’t go anywhere expecting to be shot; that would be beyond stupid as a way to live, because there’s no reason to fear it any more than to fear being hit by a bus or having a heart attack. In fact, I’m more likely to be a victim of either of those, by quite a lot.

    I guess what I’m trying to say here most of all is that you shouldn’t confuse high availabilty of information with a high degree of accuracy or generality of that information. You can’t paint 300 million people with the same brush and think the colors are going to run true.

    1. thank you very much, Poet πŸ™‚ once more thanks for your concern and time. I always say that I love American people, most of my friends and best relatives live in States. But as you told that America has free press and hug population so even minor things get highlighted highly. Alaska and Texas, each state’s area is nearly equal in area of Pakistan. Nice to meet you πŸ™‚

      1. Nice to meet you, too, and thanks for your visit! I think I went off a little there, and I didn’t intend to. Stereotyping is one of my hot buttons, wherever it happens, and I get wordy.

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