Online Dating Sucks

Online dating has become popular way to make relationship but this thing hasn’t been working for me. I’ve been trying online dating thing for more than eight years. But first I was younger and immature so I had no idea that how to deal with women.

Women are really complicated natures. They’d never tell you in simple words what they want actually. That’s why they made Hollywood movie What Women Want. Another example is first scenes from romantic film Going The Distance.

Long distance relationship thing never worked for me. In a week I’ll be 27 years old but still I’m never been kissed and never been touched. I never had a relationship. That’s why I feel so empty and incomplete.

Because of society values and boundaries I can’t try dating locally because women and men aren’t allowed to talk with each other without an official relationship like wedding or they are family members. Above 90% marriages are arrange ones in urban society and its 100% arrange marriages in ruler areas.

Things are worst for relationship thing and online date isn’t going to help because it didn’t before. Wish me luck, guys.


41 thoughts on “Online Dating Sucks

  1. Another excellent post! Here’s a quote from Orlando Bloom that I thought you may like.: “I’m quite sensitive to women. I saw how my sister got treated by boyfriends. I read this thing that said when you are in a relationship with a woman, imagine how you would feel if you were her father. That’s been my approach, for the most part.”

  2. Hay little brother! You need a hug! Did you feel that? *smiling* it must be very difficult living with all those rules etc. I thought no YouTube was bad! *bugger* you will find someone, everyone does in the end. 27 isn’t old, try not to compare yourself to others of your age! I hope next years your year for great happiness! Hugs little brother:) …..Big Sis xx

    • aw thanks a lot, big sis 🙂 yeah I felt that virtual hug, it was so satisfying and family thing. yeah, life sucks here 😦 thank you very much for your wishes and emotional support. I hope so.

      • There is that saying “The things which belong together will come together” I’m not sure if I quoted it correctly but I think the meaning is clear 😉 Don’t worry, you’ll be fine and find someone. Have an awesome Sunday yourself 🙂

      • thanks, yeah you’re right but that means no one belongs to me 😦 am just kidding 😀 I know vital things worth waiting and time so I’ve been waiting and ll wait more for my right partner.

  3. Aww, hang in there. I didn’t meet my husband until I was 42! (I’m now 49 and we are so happily married!) Life is an amazing journey and your time alone can be so much fun. Just embrace where you are at and love will definitely come.

  4. Patience is a virtue. Don’t rush into anything or compromise in choosing a mate. You’ll know when you see that special someone. 27 is still very young. You are in a culture in which every one else is in the same situation, so what is the rush? 😀 Mama Fae.

    • Mama, Fae, you know thats our culture but a bad one. That sucks, am not in rush but its already too late 😦 thank you very much for your emotional support.

  5. I understand what you are saying. There is no replacement for one on one human contact. God created us to need each other and nothing replaces the physical touch of another human being. It is wonderful to fall in love and feel as if everything is new again. When you are in public places, do you ever see a woman who you think is pretty and you would like to know more about her? If so, try to learn about her family and see if you can get an invitation to have dinner with her family. You have to start somewhere. It won’t happen just by wishing it to happen. You are wasting years that you could be spending with the woman you love. Chaparoned meetings are great if you use them to see if there is chemistry between you and another. Endure the boring parts of life to get to the exciting parts. You should not be lonely in a world with so many good people.Go out and find the one for you!

  6. Don’t worry about it, although that is easy to say but difficult to achieve. I was the first woman my husband brought to meet his parents and he was 30! Better to marry late and be happy than to try with lots of girls and go through unhappy break-ups.

    • wow nice to hear your story. Wish you an awesome life together. I never had a relationship, even we guys and girls cant talk with each other especially about that matter.

  7. Let me say just one thing: you are complete. No one or thing can make you what you already are. The key to happiness in relationships is to be happy with yourself and life BEFORE you find someone. To rely on another for joy in life is tiring and can frankly get very disappointing. You are right when you say women don’t tell men what they want. We just kinda hope you understand what we want from you! But I’m getting better at telling my husband exactly what I want. He’s not a mind reader, right? It’s not romantic, but life isn’t a Hollywood romantic comedy!

  8. I wish you the best, Nafees! I’ve tried online dating before (and I still do). While in my case it’s not the same (I’m gay), in some ways it is very similar. You can read good things about a person online but it can turn into false advertising at times. So, yes, online dating sucks whether you’re straight or gay. However, you’re still young, man! Don’t lose hope. You have lots of years ahead of you. Never give up!

  9. Nafees I also add that you should not give up and yes 27 is very young. Age does not matter and there will be the one out there for you one day! I guess dating is lot easier in the Western World, I have done online dating and got to know men through that, you know men are not that easy to understand either. With an open mind and honesty you can conquer this. Well almost. So live your live happy and one day when you do not think of it it will happen. Best of luck Nafess.

  10. I’ve found that for me, when I wasn’t looking, that’s when the right person came along. I wasn’t looking or even wanting a relationship when I met my boyfriend, but I realized he was in my life for a reason and I now know why. 🙂 Best of luck to you! I’m sure that you will find someone when you least expect it 🙂

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