Pistol Whipped-Another Action Movie of Steven Seagal’s

I’ve been watching Steven Seagal’s movies continuously but am not much bored with him. But yeah, screenwriters and directors haven’t impressed me much. They couldn’t benefit of Steven Seagal’s acting talent. Pistol Whipped isn’t bad film but not a great one either. You can say that director and screenwriter misused Steven Seagal. The movie has good imdb rating and it is 5.2.

I always say that Hollywood isn’t perfect place for action, crime and thriller films. Most of top producers don’t invest on action movie projects. Shooter with Mark Wahlberg is a best action movie I ever saw.


There’s nothing much to say about Pistol Whipped but they showed Steven Seagal a good man for innocent people and a bad enemy for evil ones. Moreover, he’s a good father in the movie. That’s an inspiration for fathers all around the world.

Now I’m fed up of action and Steven Seagal so I’ve planned to watch a drama movie Nothing But The Truth. I’ll write about that when I see the movie. But I’d love to tell you about film cast. Vera Fargima and English actress Kate Beckinsale 😉


15 thoughts on “Pistol Whipped-Another Action Movie of Steven Seagal’s”

      1. Not at all Nafees.. A bad writer is the one who just writes for the sake of writing. You are a spontaneous writer and don’t worry about what others have to say just keep on writing!

  1. Hi Little brother! *waving* You know what I’m going to say! Yip, I still have to watch it! *laughing*
    BTW: Some of your comments have been thrown into spam again:( Sorry if I didn’t respond as this is why! I have no idea why it keeps doing this? Have a good Nafees! …..big Sis x

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