Date Fantasy On A Christmas Eve

Unfortunately I’m single and looking for a date or partner passionately. I know relationships won’t build in days but I can find a date if I suppose it. I did that. These are Christmas days, family and friend days. Loneliness sucks a lot. No one’s lonely physically but yeah most of us lonely internally.

So here’s my fictional date story. As there’s no presence of my date so I’d write it just a DATE.  I met HER on WordPress. We exchanged some comments and as both were interested in finding our partners and date so we planned to meet. We selected a restaurant which is her favorite one. Choosing window table was my idea.

Right at 7 P.M I reached the restaurant and sat at window table. It was raining. So lovely and romantic weather it was. After few minutes I watched her coming towards the restaurant. She was walking slowly so it means she was enjoying even winter rain. So there was second thing after WordPress which we had common between us.

She had no trouble in finding me because there were less people and no noise in restaurant that day. She reached me and I stand. We exchanged “Hi”. We both smiled. We both were a bit nervous and shy for no reason I think. Maybe because that was our first date. We both sat.

Me: Raining (Smiling).

Date: Love it. (Smile and looking outside the window).

We both stared at lovely raining for few moments then I thought it’d be waste of time now. We should start conversation.

Me: How was day?

Date: (she stopped staring at rain) nice. It was nice. How was yours?

Me: Normal. Good. But evening is awesome. (I was being a bit romantic and confident).

She understood what I meant so she smiled. Then a waiter approached us and asked that what we’d take. We ordered our favorite foods.

Me: So you don’t love movies? (That’s what I came to know during WordPress commenting)

Date: I like movies but as much as you do. I don’t watch films much. Or maybe I don’t have much time to watch. But yeah I enjoy movies.

Me: Cool. ( I was getting nervous because I had no idea that what I should talk about. I was afraid that what if she mind something I say. She was my first date ever so I had no idea and was too afraid to lose this chance. She got that so she started conversation herself.

Date: What do you do?

Me: Me? (she nodded). Hm, nothing.

Date: Nothing?

Me: I write. (I got more nervous and it was what I didn’t want. She had controlled the situation fully and she knew it. I didn’t mess that up and thanks God that she didn’t want either.

Date: What you wanna do? I mean whats your favorite profession?

Me: Hmm. I love movies…

Date: Yeah, I know. You wanna become filmmaker?

Me: Nah. No. (Then I was like nervous Steve Carl) I think I can’t do.

Then waiter came by with foods. He put that on table. I sighed. She was looking at food and then I saw her. She hadn’t much prepared for date but she was looking stunning. Waiter left with professional smile. She was hungry or what she started to eat and I was just watching here and there like a fool. Then she noticed.

Date: take please.

Me: Oh yeah.

Date: Something Wrong.

Me. No. Nope. Not at all. (Oh God what a dump and idiot I’m)

Date: You don’t have a job? (eating)

Me. (I’d started to eat too) I’ve been looking for. I’m planning for further studies.

Date: Cool.

She was a girl. Girls don’t speak much usually and they expect much. I was a big fool who ruin opportunities and good things. I thought I’d mess up more so I was quiet. We finished our foods quietly and paid bills. I took longer with tissue papers. I had no idea that what she was thinking about me. She wanted me to talk but I couldn’t and she didn’t either. Then we left restaurant. Rain had stopped. But it was too cold. Winds were killing. We both had wrapped our arms around our chests tightly.

Date: It was nice. (She was a bad actress or I pissed her off so much that she couldn’t hide her expressions). She looked for a cab then I felt like a test taker who had written nothing in its given time and then he or she had just one minute. I decided to take chance on that one minute.

Me: I bought us two tickets. (with my all strength)

Date: Tickets? For what?

Me: Theater. Movie. Magic Mike is an awesome film. Would you go?

She was thinking. That was a motive for me to do something more.

Me: I really…really wanna see a movie…with you.(that was like a child begging her mom for chocolates) Maybe she was single for long time so this is why she smiled and nodded.

Date: Okay.

I just smiled but my soul was dancing and heart was jumping.


12 thoughts on “Date Fantasy On A Christmas Eve”

      1. The next time im going on a time-travel mission I could look out for your future date and bring her along?
        You will find someone for sure. Everytime I read one of your posts (especially those dealing with love and relationships) I’m moved by your words (I usually am not that fast). Keep it up, pleease. Both, the posting and the looking for your love. (This is not meant to sound cheesy). Xx

      2. aw thanks a lot. You’d be a true light for my dark life if you could. When you write something with passion and thirst and hunger then it becomes catchy I think so and believe so. My love is waiting for love and when love ll meet love then it ll be so lovely 😉

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