Nothing But The Truth-Sad Thriller Drama

I decided to watch the movie because of Vera Fargima and it was amazing to know that English actress Kate Beckinsale starring too. I always say that Vera Fargima is a best Hollywood actress for CIA and FBI type roles. She seems awesome in those types of movies.

The film ending made a bit sad because main character lost many things for principles. Nothing But The Truth has 7.2 imdb rating. That’s good one.


If you’ve watched Nothing But The Truth and Fair Gamer both films then you would feel some similarities between these movies. Fair Game is a true story. Sean Penn and Naomi Watts’ acting was awesome.

First time I saw Kate Beckinsale not as vampire. I watched her Underworld movies and liked.


3 thoughts on “Nothing But The Truth-Sad Thriller Drama”

  1. Thanks for posting this and telling us about ‘Fair Game’. I’ll try to find it to rent or something. The reason I’m interested is because I like Sean Penn and Naomi Watts too. They were also together in the 2003 movie ’21 grams’ and I enjoyed that movie very much too.

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