UK, Canada or Australia-Where To Go For Study Now?

US embassy had denied my student visa application around two months ago. I was disappointed because it was my first priority to study in America. American universities and colleges are best in the world for education and learning purpose. Moreover, they’ve low tuition fees comparatively.

I’m not sure now that which country I should choose for further studies. Some people suggest Canadian institutes are good. Some praise Australian colleges and some recommend British colleges and universities.

Also I’ve to think about my budget and circumstances about selecting a country or college for study. That’s main thing you know. Also I’ve to think about people while I choose a country for studies that whether I’ll be easy with them or not.

American people are easy going and friendly type so studying in States was best for me. More of my online friends are Americans. My best and most beloved relatives live in there too.

British people are reserved type. Most of my relatives live in England, UK. You can say that Birmingham is full of my relatives and villagers. I’m not sure about Canadian and Australian people much.

Selecting a country is important because there I’ll find my life partner or soulmate too. I’m 27 and it getting late now. I really need a relationship, love and my own family now. Wish me luck, guys.

Personally I think applying for UK student visa would be sufficient for me. But I can’t take a risk after Dubai thing and US visa denial. I’d love to hear suggestions, advices and recommendations from you guys.


47 thoughts on “UK, Canada or Australia-Where To Go For Study Now?

  1. I’m sorry you were turned down by the US. I think you will find friendly people no matter where you go. Research the weather, culture and job opportunities of places you would consider living after graduation. Find someplace where you would be comfortable. Best of luck1

  2. Germany? Here in Berlin there are lots of Universities that teach in English and Berlin is very laid back with lots of people from all over the world. Our transportation system and schools are quite good, and we have great nightlife. Something to consider!

    1. wow thank you very very much. Yeah, no doubt German has some great universities even some are tuition free and German has a great living circumstances but you know visa process matters too. I think they have harder visa policies so i cant risk of refusal again. Thank very very much, J.

  3. Sorry to hear about your visa application. England isn’t as bad as one could think:) Even though I’m not a fan of the rainy English weather, I think the English people are nice and as far as I’m concerned, their educational institutions are among the best in Europe. Go for it:)

    1. thank you very much, Mitzie 🙂 your opinion and suggestion is so worthy. As I told that I prefer UK and now your vote increases chances to apply for UK. Thanks a lot again 🙂

  4. Try England and if it doesn’t work, then apply to universities in Germany. As for me, the German universities are the best after the British ones. You get a very good education and besides, it’s highly regarded abroad !

  5. Living as a foreigner here in the UK I have to say that English people are not as reserved as they make out to be.This is just an image protrayed to foreign countries. I find English people very open and loving and make good friendships. I would give the UK a go as you speak English, they are very open and tolerant and I am sure you will love it here. I wish you good luck with everything you do in the new year 2013. May you also find happiness and romance. With love Ute x

    1. No doubt Australia is a great country but I’ve studied their visa process which will be tough for me so I cant take risk. Thanks a lot for your concern and sincerity and generous suggestion.

  6. I agree with Heidi…our intuitions are usually right so go where you are really feeling a pull. The UK sounds like a great option and having relatives close by would be a bonus. Best Wishes!

  7. I would suggest the UK too simply because you have family there which can definitely be a bonus when you are in a new country. I was born and raised in England and trust me we are not really reserved. In fact I would say a lot of people are quite the opposite to the point of detriment LOL!.
    Good luck with where ever you choose.

  8. I would say brits are very friendly but I havn’t studied there. Otherwise Scandinavian universities are an option, but the people are often a bit reserved, and the winter cold. Best of luck!

  9. For me, my place of study is very important because it needs to be somewhere that inspires me. Australia is very expensive if you don’t know anyone but find out if they offer special student rates. For me personally I found Europe the most inspiring place for study. It also depends on what you want to study? As a teacher I found Europe very inspirational and lots of opportunities to do short courses, and learn more about teaching, and life abroad, other cultures etc. Now I am living back home in Australia and have found all that I have learnt very valuable to my present work with children.

    1. you’re absolutely right. Australia is a bit better for living and work but they have expensive study. UK has a bit inexpensive and affordable study. Malena, thanks a lot for your time and concern. Wish you an awesome year with your kids and rest of family 🙂

      1. You’re welcome, thanks and same to you! Happy New Year. I can only give the advice I give to myself, whatever choice I make, it can only improve my character, and it is of course only the beginning. 🙂

  10. I came to US and I didn’t have any other choices but hearing of my friends in Europe and Canada, I think those cultures would have been more compatible with my personality and despires. US is a great melting pot and especially if who pick liberal cities, it is for the most part a welcoming place. Good luck, I’d personally vote for UK or Canada (Canada would also be close to US if you have wanted to try Hollywood again)

    1. thank you very much for reading and concerning about my matter. Yeah, UK would be awesome and it can be a great way to Hollywood too. Canada isnt bad but it has tougher visa process and I cant take a risk again. Thanks. I love America though.

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