Happy New Year 2013

Still its 2012 in some parts of world but 2013 has started in the world too such as Australia and New Zealand. Happy New Year to everyone.

However 2012 was but you’ve save great memories and also you’ve delete all bad memories and incident. Go ahead and grab happiness and joy from 2013.  No one can be perfect and no one can have a perfect life so try to live with imperfection and enjoy it.

Protect and respect what you’ve. Get and grab what you don’t have. Life should be all about happiness and joy so live it as it supposed to be. Get happiness and give happiness.

That’s what I told to myself and now I want to tell you too.

New Year Resolution: I’ve to find my soulmate, my love and life partner because it is enough now. I’m sick and tired of my mentally lonely life. I truly need a relationship now. Remember me in your prayers and wish me what I want in my life. You people should get and try to get what you need in your life and I wish you best of luck.

Best wishes and prayers for New Year. Enjoy 2013 now.


30 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2013”

  1. ‘Get happiness and give happiness’. Simple but great and noble advice. Thank you. And I’ll be sure to remember you in my prayer, InsyaAllah, that you find your soul mate and life partner. Happy New Year to you too, Nafees!

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