The Cabin In The Woods-Good Horror Movie For Teens

Last night I saw a horror film The Cabin In The Woods because already I’ve watched romance, drama, adventure, action and thriller movies. I liked a sci-fi movie rarely.

Mystery of The Cabin In The Woods didn’t impress me much especially 3D monsters and zombies thing decrease value of the movie. So I’d have no hesitation in writing that the movie is good for teenagers but I don’t think so that mature movie geeks gonna love it.

Lionsgate is good production company so they invested good amount too but that wasn’t a thing which I was expecting. Although The Cabin In The Woods has 7.2 imdb rating but still this film isn’t much impressive for me. They could make better one.

Actors and actresses aren’t much impressive except Chris Hemsworth who got some great films on his back such as Thor, The Avengers, Star Trek, Snow White and The Huntsman etc.

I won’t appreciate director either. But screenwriter done good job and he has written some other good screenplays too such as The Avengers and Toy Story etc.  Every time when I saw a horror movie then I remember Wrong Turn, a fabulous one.