Boring Days

After 25th December days remained so boring and dull. Thanks to WordPress which gives me some sunshine and I talk with some really great people but real life has been sucking nowadays.

Every person gets in great trouble about two choices. Career and life partner. Those are really sensitive choices and you can’t take easy them. I’ve been in trouble with both.

Nothing is much entertaining me nowadays. I tried to watch a movie for fun it didn’t help much. I thought that maybe I was fed up of action movies so tried to watch some romantic and drama films but it didn’t work either. Comedy in movies has been unsuccessful in making me laugh. My fantasy date didn’t help too.

I’ve no idea that what I should do to make life joyful and pleasant. I’ve been doing my best to make a relationship so this is why I’ve been checking posts in relationships and love category regularly. But all in vain. No doubt women are so complicated. Also I’ve been enjoying Facebook chatting and messaging.

I’ll try to watch a film tonight that maybe it could give some satisfaction to me. I don’t wanna be depressed because I know that how much depression sucks.


30 thoughts on “Boring Days

  1. Being in your 20s is a very hard, confusing time. As you get a little older your wisdom will help you find who you want to be in life and things will come easier, like dating and finding someone that loves you. It will snowball, one right thing will happen and then everything else falls in place. Good luck to you. You are a nice person, I believe all this good stuff will definitely happen for you, just have patience, hang in there 🙂

      1. Aww, perhaps take some time off to regroup and figure out your next game plan. I was very lonely too in my 20s, but life does get much better in time. In fact, I think because you are having a hard time now is a good thing, it means you have a lot of depth in your personality, versus the types who say their best days were in high school or college — and then that’s it for them. I feel sorry for those people, but you’re so much better than that — and I see so many good things happening to you for that very reason. Does that make sense?

      2. again thanks for your time and concern, Mary. Yeah, that makes sense and I know that nice things worth time too and this is why I have been doing my best to be patient but still its fact that its too hard.

  2. It’s difficult to do, but try to focus on other things. When you concentrate so much on the things that aren’t working (love life, for example) it makes your feelings worse and makes it more difficult to find someone.
    It’s when you aren’t looking and are fulfilling yourself in either old things you enjoy or finding something new to enjoy, suddenly you relax and doors open that might have seemed closed before.
    Stay strong and try to focus on positive things. Depression and loneliness can happen even when you’re in a loving relationship, so it’s important to focus on yourself right now and learn the things that make you happy and strong.
    Love will find you, but it has its own time, and maybe the person you’re meant to be with just isn’t ready yet.
    ❤ Marla

  3. Just try to remember that you have much to be thankful for already. And before anyone else will add to your happiness, you need to be happy with you and your life! I sometimes look at it as excitement, because we truly never know what is around the corner for us. Hang in there!

  4. I am going to give some advice about women….
    DO NOT TRY TO UNDERSTAND THEM…JUST LOVE THEM. I grew up with three guys, and it is different for a man than a woman …society makes women complicated they tell us what to do and how to be and it makes us more complicated. But, if you want to fall in love you have to let them be, also fall in love with some one that you do not mind her faults or errors every relationship needs to like both the good and the bad about some one because that is in what you are investing in and true love is about that loving not changing. Let go of the negative thoughts, go out in nature, play, dance, have fun, and don’t over think we humans do this all the time we think too much and make things worse. The most important love of all is self love, love you the love that is inside of you…and soon you will meet her. I predict this will be…soon! Smile!

    1. aw thank you very very very much, Doris 🙂 you’re so right and I know that what you told me. I never had a relationship but am fully open to a relationship like that what you mentioned. I’m ready to accept a woman with her nature what she has. No one’s perfect but all I need is love and a true relationship. Thanks again for your words and vital time.

  5. Why don’t you join a club or sports activity you enjoy, you will meet likeminded people and friendships build. If not you still have done something useful for yourself. But…. you need to go out htere happy… niot bored! So smile!

  6. Dear little brother! *hugs* I’m still at our property busy getting some projects finished. We go home every few days, just for a break. I’ll be back soon, and I’m so happy you’ve been given great support from everyone at word press. Be patient little brother, don’t get down. Had to respond as I’m worrying about you.:) I’ll go hug Teco boy for you.:) take care lil brother. 🙂 ……..Big Sis. Xxxx

    1. awwwww big sis, thanks God you wrote. That helped a lot. You know family is so important and so helpful emotionally always. Wish you awesome days and lots of hugs for Teco. Lil bro

  7. Don’t be sad and bore! Get up from the bed and watch all your whole entire favorite movies!
    I am sure you’ll get better, with the no of Blogger friends concern about you!
    You are not alone!

    1. thank you very much, Sydney 🙂 yeah you’re so right that am not alone over the internet but here’s a life other than internet which sucks without beloved people. Movie haven’t been helping. Thanks again, bro.

  8. hi nafees!
    i understand how you feel because for the past several months, or even for a couple of years, i had been feeling the same. at first i didn’t want to accept it even to myself… i was so impatient… i wanted things to happen – which of course didn’t… and everything i did was just so insignificant for me… i was living a zombie-like existence… just going through my routine, but was not really thinking about it much…it was as if my life was suspended… i was waiting for something big to happen… i said to myself, that when it happens, then i would really live a happy life…

    the relationship that i wanted to have with a person did not happen…because he got married with another girl… he knew how i felt for him and he made me believe that such feeling was mutual… i guess i was wrong for he did not choose me after all…

    For a while, i wallowed in my depression… i couldn’t tell anyone because i was ashamed. i only had my diary to tell… but i did not allow myself to stay in such state… i willed myself to let go and moved on…

    his wedding was a wake up call for me. i realized that i did not have to depend on anyone for me to be happy. now, i know that i can be happy even when i am alone, without a partner… how i moved on? well, writing was a great help.. i am not as brave as you though because you can pour out your feelings publicly in your blog.. i on the other hand only have my diary.. until now, at least.. so thanks to you… you inspired me to write here.. =)

    i hope that you will soon find the one for you… but until then, just get on with your life and be happy anyway… may you learn from my experience.. =)

    1. aw thanks a lot Je. I’m so so sorry to read about what happened with you. Again thanks a lot for your time and sharing your thoughts and personal life. Its so nice to meet you.

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