Recommend Me A Movie

I’ve not watched a good movie for weeks so this is why I’m feeling something missing. Watching movies help me to escape from real worlds and its dirty facts and realities. I tried to pick some films but no genre could impress me.

I’m a big fan of action movies and my most favorite film Shooter is an action thriller. But nowadays even that type of movies could help. Another favorite genre is romance. Sylvester Stallion, Jason Statham and Steven Seagal are actors who always impress me. But now even I don’t wanna their films.

A love story makes me feel better because I watch things happen which don’t happen in real lives. Relationship is a big issue for in relationship and single persons both. That’s why everyone loves to watch romantic movies.

I used to read novels but now this thing isn’t helping. Fantasy is need of every artist. Comedy and drama aren’t bad genres but nowadays they aren’t helping.

In short words Hollywood isn’t working for me to feel better even some movies with imdb rating couldn’t inspire me. I’m feeling so helpless so guys! Please help me to find a great movie which could make me feel better. I wann come back in life again.


50 thoughts on “Recommend Me A Movie”

  1. Have you ever watched movies by Tyler Perry? His movies are serious, about relationships, funny as hell and just plan enjoyable. Try Diary of a mad black woman first.

  2. Hi Nafees
    I’m English & love British comedies – Billy Elliot, The Full Monty, Brassed Off, Shirley Valentine, Calendar Girls, The Commitments, Saving Grace, Mrs Henderson Directs, Anita & Me, East is East & The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel always make me laugh & feel better. I enjoy the bitter-sweet romances of Truly, Madly Deeply & The English Patient too. You enjoyed Notting Hill, but I prefer Four Weddings & a Funeral, then there’s About a Boy with Hugh Grant too, not to mention Love Actually.

    Someone has already recommended French Kiss which is another favourite, together with Sliding Doors & the original Italian Job. For action there’s The Rock, Chain Reaction, The Long Kiss Goodnight & The Fugitive. British action films to watch out for are Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels & Snatch.

    I’d be interested to hear how you get on 🙂

    1. aw thanks a lot, English girl 🙂 you recommended me many movies and you seem a movie geek. Thats awesome. Thanks again for your time. I really enjoyed Notting Hills, more I’ve watched The Rock and Love Actually but surly I’ll love to watch your other recommendations. Its so nice to meet you 🙂

  3. Hi, i ended up on your blog by chance and i think is very beautiful because of more things i think are good ( love animals, quiet places, love peace and nature and so on). Compliments, really. I’m a boy and i write from italy, i don’t know if you had seen it but i can advise you a film that made me reflect more: Just like Heaven (original title). If you had not seen this i hope you will like it =)

      1. the movie when I was two years old, but its okay, I’ll see when I could. Thank you very very much for recommendations. I always had bad point of view British people but you changed my mind.

      2. Hi! I’m not British. But don’t worry, you have not offended me. I have married into a Scottish family, who do not call themselves British, but Scottish. It’s this nationalist thing!

  4. Hi Nafees,
    Since you like love stories too, I’d like to recommend my favourite romantic-comedy, 50 First Dates, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. It’s a funny, sweet and incredibly beautiful movie set in Hawaii, featuring a remarkably original and fun storyline. I totally loved it.

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