Beauty of Online or Long Distance Relationship

Some people don’t like online dating and long distance relationship. But I think it is best way to know each other before a strong and long term relationship.

It is a fact that men are more physical and women are more spiritual type. Women deal with heart and soul much. Men start loving women or girls from their bodies but its not turning point.

If you want to impress and attract a woman then first you have to impress her eyes, her heart, her soul, her feelings, her emotions etc. Vagina is a last step to please her in a relationship. But unfortunately men start from that point.

In online dating and long distance relationship both partners satisfy their souls and hearts first then they meet and please their bodies. So sex becomes last thing in those sorts of relationships. That’s why I recommend online dating even your dater lives in your own town or city. That thing will help to grow true love between two people without having a physical relationship.

Whatever your story is but for a strong relationship you’ve to be a best friend with your partner. That’s first and essential step. Men should keep one thing in their minds that women aren’t suppose to share their beds just but they are suppose to make houses cozy and comfortable with their love and attention. Women are beyond worthier what typical men consider them.


29 thoughts on “Beauty of Online or Long Distance Relationship”

  1. I appreciate the kind words…I do believe too that being with someone should be evaluated first by loving that person putting all physical attraction aside. A real relationship is so much more than sex.Good read!

  2. Afternoon, little brother! *waving* Hope today your feeling good inside.
    Okay, talking about women’s vagina’s?? OMG, little brother!! Lol That’s not one usually says. But that’s what makes you, Nafees! You wear your heart on your sleeve. 🙂
    Now, I totally agree with getting to know the person before you jump in there bed! Sex is but for a moment, true love should be for life! This is the love i hope you find…don’t ever settle for second best! Don’t live with regrets. 🙂 Chow, Big Sis!! xxx

    1. thank you very much, big sis 🙂 I wrote what I felt. I can be wrong. I use some words which I don’t use usually but it was necessary for explaining the subject. lil bro

      1. why not, you know am a screenwriter, have great imagination power so I can feel warmth of your hugs and pure family love. Thank you very much, big sis.

  3. I love your last sentence but I have to interject here. Being in said long distance relationship that stemmed from meeting online, it has been really hard to build a romantic connection via phone and intermittently seeing each other. It has been 4 months and if it weren’t for both of us being fighters (in the sense of fighting for what we both believe can be something amazing from what little physical connection we’ve been able to have), we would have been over by now. Both parties have to be willing to make the EFFORT to see each other as much as possible. Excellent communication is a must–talking on the phone daily is essential to get to know someone. The problem is there is no physical interpretation. Trust me when I say, words over the phone can never compensate for the security a simple touch can provide or the connection and comfort being in someone’s arms also provides. I have seen you like a post or two on my blog, so I’m guessing you may be aware of the up and downs progression my man and I are going through. It is really rough missing someone all the time due to distance and yearning for them just to hold you.

    1. yeah you are right but I meant different what you considered. I know that physical connection is necessary too but it comes after knowing each other mentally first. Thanks a lot for your time and sharing your personal life.

  4. Little bit funny reading your post especially when you said about women’s v …… well i know that most of the man only looking for the pleasure from that thing, they didn’t looking for the real relationship that we must build first. Sex is good n important …… but the real relationship not build on the sexiest thing. It’s good to have a long distance relationship, I’ve been have that before but sometimes is to tired :d well whenever it’s long distance or not, both of you must touching each other heart. Good look for you

  5. Wise words Nafees. It is so easy to allow passion take over and jump into bed with someone – like many do in this country – but as you say, there is no substitute for knowing another’s heart and soul. I think the problem is that a lot of people today have trouble opening up their true selves – afraid of derision, rejection, humiliation. it’s easy to open up physically, hard to open the soul.
    I hope you find what you are looking for 🙂

    1. yeah, Heidi, you’re right, its harder to open up soul because trust is rare, usually people who you trust hurt you. Thanks a lot for your words. You single?

      1. 🙂 Unfortunately not, my friend! I’m one of the lucky ones – I found a like soul to mine. I’m happy that i can be totally, utterly, wholly me, not hiding anything, not pretending.
        I hope the same for you too.

      2. Aw, bless you, thank you 🙂
        You are so lovely, so sweet…. there MUST be a special, wonderful lady out there for you… Imagine, her waiting somewhere, dreaming of her knight in shining armour, intelligent, romantic, sensitive…. twirling her long hair as she dreams, and waits…
        For you.

      3. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Heidi, thats so romantic and heart touching. Thanks a lot. I’m gonna dream about her now. Its nearly 1 am here so ZzzzzZZZ

  6. everyone had some wonderful thoughts, love the exchange between you and your sister, my wishes for love and happiness to you and all your readers!

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