Notting Hill-An Awesome British Romantic Movie

A German wordpress friend Scarlette Light recommended me the film while we’re chatting via Skype. Lovely romance I saw after months. That really amused. When first I was told about movie then name of Julia Roberts stopped me to think about to watch Notting Hill but I changed my mind to let give an opportunity to recommendation of an awesome friend.

Comedy in the movie really made me laugh loudly. Although Hollywood and other English movies don’t make me laugh but this one did. First I though it was boring romantic drama with no exciting incidents but when at once events in the movie changed my mind.

Awesome love story I watched after months. But still I say that I don’t know why people are crazy about Julia Roberts. Hugh Grant is an awesome English actor. He inspired me in Love Actually too. Actors and actresses did awesome especially Welsh character made me laugh a lot. Also I’d really appreciate film director and screenwriter who wrote an awesome screenplay.

When I was watching then I was in the movie totally. I was feeling myself in London, in streets of England. They better showed UK culture. Family, friends and peaceful locations. Notting Hill has good imdb rating too.

Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) sucked; she really hurt William Thacker (High Grant). That’s what made me say that women are complicated to understand. It is really hard to maintain a relationship with them even when they are your soulmates.


19 thoughts on “Notting Hill-An Awesome British Romantic Movie”

  1. Hmmmm! Humans are complicated creatures. 🙂 I see how easily men can get the wrong end of the stick. Going to bed little brother, my medication is making me drowsy!! Lol Hugs from me to you…love Big Sis! 🙂 xxx

  2. Hi my frienbd Good review Ill go to watch it I saw Love actually and enjoyed. I agree with Big Sis Tho. Were all complicated . Women have had to be a bit more complicated to cope with men having control over the years. Once women have control men have to become comnplicated to survive!

  3. I love the way you see Briaain through movies. In UK we see USA through movies but since Slumdog Millionaire we also see India through movies. Its always better to go there though. How can a movie convey the sweet delicious slightly sewagey smell of Mumbai?! Simply cant be done!

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