Bridesmaids-A Relationship Movie

I watched Bridesmaid on recommendation of my wordpress friend Debbie and so thankful to her for recommending me such an awesome romantic film. A lovely story.

Kristen Wiig done superb job. She’s not only an awesome actress but a great screenwriter too. I think only special women have sense of humor so has Kristen Wiig.

Annie Walker (Kristen Wiig) has great trouble in her because of having no stable relationship. She messes things up and also she becomes a great trouble for her family, friends and everyone else who comes in her way.

Comedy and romance in the movie really amused me and I couldn’t stop me to laugh. Bridesmaids awesomely describes importance and need of relationships in our lives. More you better know importance of love in your daily lives after watching the movie.

Most of times romantic films haven’t happy ending but Bridesmaids has an awesome happy ending which I loved a lot. That movie has 6.9 imdb rating which is great.


8 thoughts on “Bridesmaids-A Relationship Movie”

  1. You have to be the first man that I’ve evfer met who says that they love this movie, so i need a bit of advice. How on earth should I pitch it to my boyfriend so he’ll watch it? I told him I loved the movie, but I had made the mistake of saying I loved Mean Girls too!

    1. I dont know if theres something wrong about that movie, its a lovely for men and women both. I never watched Mean Girls. if you loved the movie then at least your bf should watch it.

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