Boring Weekend Again Even Movies Couldn’t Help

Its not a weekend for me because I’m jobless already so every day is weekend for me but it is a dead serious fact that I’m so bore. Life is sucking at its best. No positive thing is happening in life. I feel so bad.

I tried to watch a movie but it didn’t help. Listening music couldn’t work either. I watched a TV drama this morning and enjoyed but it wasn’t enough to bring me back in life. I tried every genre such as action, comedy, romance, history, horror, family, thriller but nothing could work.

I’ve heard and read that choosing profession and right partner are two big decisions in your life. I’m struck up with those. I’ve no partner and no job so whole life is looking like a shit. I’m like a kite without silk, just wondering here and there in sky. Circumstances are like winds which are messing me here and there. I’ve no destination like that kite but just flying in sky for nowhere.

Relationship thing is a big issue of my life. Because of strict culture and society values here I can’t date local girls even I can’t see or talk with them. I’ve been trying my best at Facebook and WordPress but all in vain so even online dating was useless. Women like me but they don’t want a relationship with me. I check relationships category regularly and read posts there that I could meet my partner there but…

I tried to watch romantic films because I though maybe it could help to recover. But watching other couples together didn’t work to make me feel better. Now I sick my fantasy and fiction life. I want something real. I want a change. I want a twist in my life story. I want some sunshine. I want love now.


37 thoughts on “Boring Weekend Again Even Movies Couldn’t Help”

  1. Hello Nafees. After reading your story I’m reminded of a book I read some ago. Have you ever read The Kite Runner? Great book. In the story, one of the main characters, a young boy chased a kite-you have to read to understand. He never really chased the kite, he just anticipated where it would land and waited there for its arrival. The same can apply for you. Don’t look so hard- and one day the right woman will land softly in your arms and right into your heart. You’ll see.


    1. aw thank you very very much, Paul. No, I’ve not read that one and English books are hard to find here but thanks again for your time and concern. Have an awesome time

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