Boring Weekend Again Even Movies Couldn’t Help

Its not a weekend for me because I’m jobless already so every day is weekend for me but it is a dead serious fact that I’m so bore. Life is sucking at its best. No positive thing is happening in life. I feel so bad.

I tried to watch a movie but it didn’t help. Listening music couldn’t work either. I watched a TV drama this morning and enjoyed but it wasn’t enough to bring me back in life. I tried every genre such as action, comedy, romance, history, horror, family, thriller but nothing could work.

I’ve heard and read that choosing profession and right partner are two big decisions in your life. I’m struck up with those. I’ve no partner and no job so whole life is looking like a shit. I’m like a kite without silk, just wondering here and there in sky. Circumstances are like winds which are messing me here and there. I’ve no destination like that kite but just flying in sky for nowhere.

Relationship thing is a big issue of my life. Because of strict culture and society values here I can’t date local girls even I can’t see or talk with them. I’ve been trying my best at Facebook and WordPress but all in vain so even online dating was useless. Women like me but they don’t want a relationship with me. I check relationships category regularly and read posts there that I could meet my partner there but…

I tried to watch romantic films because I though maybe it could help to recover. But watching other couples together didn’t work to make me feel better. Now I sick my fantasy and fiction life. I want something real. I want a change. I want a twist in my life story. I want some sunshine. I want love now.


37 thoughts on “Boring Weekend Again Even Movies Couldn’t Help

  1. I admit that I don’t understand your culture & way of life & haven’t read all your posts, but is there any voluntary or community work that you could do? Perhaps if you had a reason to get up & go out, you would not feel quite so lost & lonely.

    Everyone needs a purpose in life & for most of us that’s focused on work, family & partner. When all of these are missing, it’s not surprising futility & depression set in & the days are boring. If you don’t have a paid job, doing a voluntary activity, especially with animals or people in even worse circumstances, will give a feeling of worth. You’ll also meet new people & expand your contacts so who knows what could come of that?

    Is this a possibility for you?

    1. Nancy, thank you very very much for your kind words and sincere feelings. I need a job to pay my expenses, I’ve been father dependent my entire life. First I’ve help myself, because you cant feed if you’re hungry yourself. Thanks again for your time and concern.

  2. Dearest bother! First, hugs!! Don’t get distressed Nafees, eventually love comes to everyone. Yes. you have been patient. But for whatever reason it’s just not the right time. So…when is the right time,right?? Sadly little brother we just don’t know this. Not working is one of the most terrible things for a man to deal with. And not having someone to talk to and hold, I can imagine even worse. So, I do understand but stay strong and don’t let yourself get too down. Your a great guy who one day maybe fate will bring you all the things your asking for. Hugs my little brother……Big sis xxx

      1. Missing Teco boy as I couldn’t go to the property this weekend. Had things to do in the city. Can’t wait for next Friday! Huge hugs back little brother! Night, Big Sis!! xx

  3. Nafees – I agree with Sakuraandme it’s just not the right time – but I understand the way you are feeling. I’m not certain what country you are in, but I have friends and work mates from all over the world – mostly because of my work so I have some idea of some of the cultural challenges. I can’t really help with the relationship or the job but I can be a compassionate open hearted person to talk or discuss things with…

  4. Hang in there, Nafees. (((hugs))) Finding the right profession and the right partner takes time. I’m 32 and still single (and where I’m from I hit “old maid” status around 23, lol). You’ll find what you need when the time is right.

  5. My heart hurts for your situation. I wish there was something I could do to cheer you up. I know exactly what you mean by wanting a real, flesh & blood relationship. God made us to be a social animal, so we crave a mate and a family. You need a job first so you can afford a family some day. Is there a job shortage where you live? There appears to be a job shortage in every country these days.
    What job skills do you have? Maybe you could start your own business. It could be something small to begin with, but it would give you something to do and help you meet people. I don’t know what services are needed in your area, but there are endless possibilities. Maybe you could run errands for the elderly for a small fee. Do you know how to do accounting? You could keep books for businesses from your home. There is babysitting, dog-walking, yard-work, party planning, photographer, entertaining at children’s birthday parties and so on. These jobs would help you meet different people. You could find the person of your dreams. I will pray for you to find something soon.

    1. aw Barb, thanks a lot for such a nice and detailed suggestions, opinions and advices. Those are so worthy. We’ve a different culture, society values and way of life. Job you mentioned dont exist in here such as babysitting, party planning, dog-walking, photographer, etc I’ve been thinking about my own website from where I could start some living. I’ve no other options, except I work here in local hotels as waiter but pay would be so low and working hours would be longer without any off. I can give an estimate, a normal waiter gets paid less than 100$ a month for around 12 hours working daily without an off, if he offs his pay gets cut. Thanks again for your lovely words, Barb.

  6. My dear Nafees, I am going to be blunt here, if you want change it is you who has to make the change. Nobody will bring the things you want on a silver platter. Get your priorities, to find a job you need to look and try. You need to look at life positive even if it does not seem to you at that time. Go out for a walk and find beautiful things, which are enjoyable, little flowers, nice buildings, beautiful dresses people wear, walk around and smile. If you are positive , positiveness will be coming to you. Start loving yourself first then you can give love and you will get love.
    You cannot force the love/relationship , it will happen when the time is right. You are very young so don’t panic.
    If you were here I would take you out and show how nice the world is. Be grateful for what you have, you get up every morning, you have a home to live in, you breathe you eat, you live.
    Sorry Nafees this is a bit of a lecture but think about it. You are a lovely guy and us bloggers love you!
    Or move out of your country, start totally afresh somewhere else. ???

    1. aw thanks a lot, Ute. I loved your sincere and sympathetic and loving words. Sure, I’ll try what you suggested. I really wanna move its not easy you know. Thanks

      1. where you came from? and how old you’re now? I can dream and wish so I could make there. Thanks for everything, Ute 🙂 have an awesome day.

      2. I am from Germany and went to London UK, with just a suitcase to work in a hotel as a simple waitress. I felt homesick for the first months but then got to know people and loved it so I stayed in London, and I am still here. It is never boring, and we have lots of Asian people here where I live. I am now 51 and lived more than half my life in England. It was the best decision I made then, thinking back!

  7. hi nafees!…
    i like the fact that you can bare your heart out here!… believe it or not, i envy you! lol!…
    at least you have this outlet, and for me, writing always makes me feel better… i hope that it is the same with you… 😉

    i read some of the comments here and some have very good suggestions… maybe you should try them?

    just hang in there!… a lot of us are always with you!… 🙂


  8. Hello Nafees. After reading your story I’m reminded of a book I read some ago. Have you ever read The Kite Runner? Great book. In the story, one of the main characters, a young boy chased a kite-you have to read to understand. He never really chased the kite, he just anticipated where it would land and waited there for its arrival. The same can apply for you. Don’t look so hard- and one day the right woman will land softly in your arms and right into your heart. You’ll see.


    1. aw thank you very very much, Paul. No, I’ve not read that one and English books are hard to find here but thanks again for your time and concern. Have an awesome time

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