Fire With Fire-Bruce Willis With Josh Duhamel

Few minutes ago I finished watching Fire With Fire, an awesome action drama. There’s crime too but you know I didn’t like to combine word awesome and crime. I’ve a complaint to imdb that they haven’t mentioned romance as genre of the movie. That’s amazing love story too.

I’d appreciate film director and screenwriter too who written an awesome screenplay. Josh Duhamel really impressed me and he’s so suitable for action thriller movies. Hollywood has many action heroes like Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallion, Steven Seagul, Jet Li etc but they are old enough now so this is why young actors like Josh should come forward.

I’m sure my big sis Paula would love that film. That movie really inspired me and I enjoyed a lot.


3 thoughts on “Fire With Fire-Bruce Willis With Josh Duhamel”

  1. Hey little brother! *waving* Australia is a little behind the rest of the world. We don’t seem to get the movies until every single other country has seen them first! Lol
    Thanks for recommending the movie to me…if it’s out? I shall surely watch it. Hope your having a great day, Nafees! Hugs fro your Big Sis xxxxx

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