Bruce Willis-A Cop More Than An Actor

First I watched Bruce Willis in his blockbuster action thriller Die Hard. He played role of a tough cop. He played role of a detective in comedy crime The Last Boy Scout. Then again he played same role in another mystery crime Striking Distance.

Bruce Willis played role of a FBI agent in crime drama Mercury Rising. Again he played role of a cop in Hollywood film Hostage. Bruce Willis appeared as a cop in blockbuster Sin City. He’s detective in 16 Blocks. Again he played role a FBI agent in sci-fi thriller Surrogates.

Also he worked as a cop in Cop Out and Fire With Fire. In some other movies he appeared as a CIA agent too such as Red. That’s my personal observation so it can be wrong but I think so I wrote. Thanks for reading.


11 thoughts on “Bruce Willis-A Cop More Than An Actor”

  1. Bruce Willis is one of the actors my men in the house like. They love action movies. I like to write while they watch movies and look up once in a while when the guys laugh…

    Blessings Nafees ~ Wendy

  2. Afternoon little brother!!
    I love Bruce Willis as an actor. Hostage was wicked and I really like the Die Hard series. Tomorrow night I’m free so I’ll check your recommendation of Fire With Fire! Hopefully they have it.
    Have a great day, Nafees! Hugs from your Big Sis! xxx

  3. There is a new Die Hard movie coming… where his goes to look for his son, saw the previews yesterday went to see Silver Linings Playbook you might like that one πŸ˜‰

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