Horror Movie Turistas-Josh Duhamel And Olivia Wilde Together

Yesterday I planned to watch a horror film for change of mood. As recently I watched Josh Duhamel’s action crime Fire With Fire and liked so I planned to watch more of his movies. I checked his imdb profile and came to know about Turistas which is horror movie so I decided to watch it and last night I did.

Around  12 A.M I was watching that horror movie which seemed like another horror film Wrong Turn. I enjoyed Turistas because it scared me too.

Another thing I learnt from Turistas that never travel to Brazil especially in bus. I’m joking. I liked Brazilian natural beauty especially forests and rivers. There was partial nudity too like other horror movies. Josh Duhamel is a tough guy so he is suitable actor for that kind of roles.

No doubt in this thing that Olivia Wilde is one of my favorite Hollywood actresses. She hasn’t an awesome face just but she’s a great actress too.

I’d love appreciate screenwriter Michael Ross who written screenplays of romantic comedy Jerry Maguire and Wrong Turn too.


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