Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Its a special day. 14 centuries and several years ago a great personality was born today and he’s know as Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Although his followers (Muslims) arent examples of his life and preaching but he was a great person to all mankind.

I hate Muslims for their inhuman and unfair actions but I love Islam and I do that because of Muhammad (P.BU.H). Muslims have forgotten true preaching of Islam. No religion encourages extremism, violence, crimes and inhumanity.

He was so kind to even weak creatures such as women and animals and birds. That was a dark age so only powerful creatures had protection but he made laws and asked people to not harm weaker creatures. Giving protection to weaker wasn’t that easy especially in that age.



13 thoughts on “Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)”

      1. No.. nooh I meant does the holiday have a name? I was wondering because some of my relatives are Muslim but they only celebrate Eid. Found your post very interesting!

        Are there typical ways of congratulating somebody with this day?

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