Perfect Stranger-Bruce Willis and Halle Berry

Last night I saw crime drama Perfect Stranger. First time I saw Bruce Willis in negative role. He played his role awesomely and showed that he’s a great actor. Halle Berry looked so attractive and stunning to me first time. I saw her in Die Another Day with (James Bond) Pierce Brosnan and in Swordfish with Hugh Jackman but she didn’t impress me then.

She worked in Perfect Strange awesomely and proved me that she’s a cool Hollywood actress. Her acting impressed me in that movie. Also I’d appreciate film director and screenwriter who wrote an awesome screenplay and directed this professionally.

Perfect Stranger has great mystery which kept me struck with the movie while I was watching. Things were complicated to understand. Most of times I don’t like that type of suspense creating movies but I have no issues about this one. Although Perfect Stranger hasn’t impressive imdb rating but still its not bad either.


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