Jason Statham And Jennifer Lopez Together In Parker-WOW

No doubt I love Jason Statham and he’s one of my most favorite martial artist actors. Crime thriller Parker has released. Action movie lovers would be really excited and desperate to watch Jason Statham in action again.

Jason Statham always comes with a great film. I love all of his action films especially Transporter, Transporter 2, Transporter 3, Killer Elite, Expendables, Expendables 2, The Mechanic, Death Race and War. I watched Transporter movies many times and every time I loved watching them.

Jason Statham is an English actor but he really suits Hollywood. Most of his action movies have great imdb rating.

I’ve watched only one of Jennifer Lopez’s movies. That’s Monster-in-Law, a great romantic comedy and I loved it. A best couple you gonna see in Parker. Jennifer Lopez is awesome for romance and Jason Statham is fabulous for action. She’s not only a cool singer but a stunning actress too. You can say that she’s one of my top ten favorite Hollywood actresses.


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