Nicholas Cage-Leaving Las Vegas

No, no. Nicholas Cage isn’t gonna leave Las Vegas because he doesn’t live there. He born and raised in California. I’m talking about romantic comedy Leaving Las Vegas.

After watching the movie I’m glade that I’m not doing screenwriting. They showed a really weird screenwriter who drinks all the time. More, it’s a fact that Nicolas Cage isn’t or wasn’t right choice for romance. I liked him in his movies such as Gone In Sixty Seconds, Next, Con Air, The Rock etc. He’s a good actor for action thriller films but romance and comedy aren’t his genres.

Really, I decided to watch Leaving Las Vegas when I saw its imdb profile and rating. But after watching the film I came to know that it was a wrong decision. I couldn’t enjoy movie much. Their falling in love seemed so stupid to me.

I started to watch the film but couldn’t finish because I wasn’t enjoying. Even later I didn’t want to view Leaving Las Vegas.


17 thoughts on “Nicholas Cage-Leaving Las Vegas”

  1. Hey little brother!
    How’s life? I watched Fire with Fire!! Oh my gosh…amazing and I loved it!! Thanks for letting me know about it. Feeling a little low and this made me happy! I hug you and wish you a great weekend! Hugs Big Sis xxxx

  2. What they don’t tell you is that Vegas is L.A.’s playground. It’s only a few hours to drive there and less than an hour to fly. Every weekend a large percentage of Southern California heads to Vegas to act like maniacs and then back in time for work on Monday. I haven’t been to Vegas in a while though…I miss the buffet at the Paris with all the little cheeses and creme brulee…hmm…maybe time to go back to Vegas.

    …I’m ranting.

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