Mystic River-Sean Penn And Tim Robbins

I watch movies to feel better when I’m down but sometimes some films make me feel sad and bad. Mystic River is one of those movies. High imdb rating and academy awards are things which attracted me to see the movie. Sean Penn and Tim Robbins are best at playing serious roles. They are great Hollywood actors. Tim Robbins’ acting really impressed me in all time favorite The Shawshank Redemption

I always saw Sean Penn in serious and sad sad movies such as in Fair game, I Am Sam and The Interpreter (with Nicole Kidman). Overall Mystic River is an awesome movie. Cool direction, fabulous acting and nice screenplay made the film so attractive but ending sucks. There was true mystery in the story. So I’ve no trouble in writing that Mystic River is a great crime drama. There were all beautiful things in the story; love, friends, family, relationship. That really touched my heart but again I’d write that ending sucked.


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