Poem (In Memory of My Village)

The poem I wrote on second moving anniversary ( moving from village to town).

Ye jheel ye parbat ye darya nein dekha,
Dekhy hein bahut gaon tery jesa nein dekha.

Jannat nein zameen py jo log samajty hein,
Un logon ny shaid mera “Maira” nein dekha.

Do saal ho chaly is shehr-e-biyaba’n mein,
Mein ny kisi insa’n ka chehra nein dekha.

Har qadam py masjid kay menaar nazar aae,
Lkin kisi masjid mein Allah nein dekha.

Jaany kitrny roop badalty hein yahan log,
Kisi shakhs ka bhi aik chehra nein dekha.

Maa’n ko bhi olaad sy hy uhdy ki laalich,
Rishta yahan aik bhi sucha nein dekha.

Shaiq sabhi dekhy hein sunnaton kay yahan par,
Karta ho koi ada apna fareeza nein dekha.

Sunty hein kih gaon mein bahut hansta tha Nafees,
Shehr mein kabhi us ko hansta nein dekha.


17 thoughts on “Poem (In Memory of My Village)”

    1. thanks Ali 🙂 I’d do my best you know creativity comes naturally, we cant force it. Again thanks for appreciating. so where you live in UK? I’ve many relatives and villagers in England especially Birmingham.

      1. Yh, i guess your right. No worries, i live in Manchester roughly two hours away from Birmingham. Yh i know, Birmingham has a very large Asian population. 🙂 Where do live now then?

  1. Yh i can imagine. I live in a city, so i really dislike the fact that we don’t have any natural beauty or greenery within the city. It was nice interacting with you, I look forward to reading your future blog posts.and poetry Insha’Allah. Asalaam o’alaykum 🙂

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