Death Race-Action Movie With Relationship Message

I love Jason Statham for his roles in blockbuster action movies like Transporter, Transporter 2, Transporter 3, Safe, War, Killer Elite, The Mechanic etc. He’s not only a great actor but an awesome martial artist too.

Also I loved another action film Death Race with Jason Statham. I enjoyed the movie but got a relationship message too. You see in the movie that a man and a woman drive race car together. They help and protect each other. That’s same in real life. Life comes with challenges and every person needs a partner to face challenges. If you’ve right partner with you then no doubt that you’ll win the race of life and will be out of trouble jail.


12 thoughts on “Death Race-Action Movie With Relationship Message”

  1. Hello! I have not seen Death Race I will check it out, it is true what you say about life and having a partner… in crime…life is meant to be like that. So any news with a new girl friend?

    1. aw thanks a lot, Doris. You’ll like the movie but not much as because its action thriller. You know very less girls like action 🙂 aw girlfriend. Shes not my girlfriend actually but just a friend and still we’re talking daily, day and night, knowing each other, exploring each other so see how it goes. Thanks again, Doris. Have an awesome eve

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