The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-Jessica Beil In Horror Movie

Weeks ago I read name of horror movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The name attracted me because of Texas word. My loveliest aunt lives there so I couldn’t stop me to watch.

I loved the movie and got really scared while watching it. Even rain couldn’t entertain me but made me feel afraid. That’s beauty of the movie and I’d appreciate director. That’s second time when raining scared me. First I got scared while I was watching The Collector.

Another awesome thing about movie is presence of Jessica Biel. She’s so pretty Hollywood actress. Awesome thing about movie is that its had happy ending. I think its hard to show horror closer to reality and its what they showed.


6 thoughts on “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-Jessica Beil In Horror Movie”

  1. Hey little brother! OMG! I am way too scared to watch those type of movies! I would have nightmares for a year!! Lol Hope your having a great day. Big Sis hugs you goodbye! xxxx

      1. Oh that’s awful little brother! Hey go to my site and tell me your thoughts on Faith! Your one of my religious followers. So be happy and talk to me about your god and all the things that make you happy when you think of him! Your Big Sis is hugging you and telling you to cheer up!! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxx

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