Powder Blue-Jessica Biel With A Complicated Story

Two days ago I watched Hollywood movie Powder Blue which has happy as well as sad ending. I like Jessica Biel. She’s not just attractive and stunning but she’s talented too.

Powder Blue is a nice story. Some bad incidents happen in the film but at the end two couples start a happy life. That’s a good ending.

I really really love Forest Whitaker’s acting. He’s so natural. He played his role awesomely. First time I liked his role and acting Panic Room. Others actors have done awesome job too. But honestly I won’t appreciate director and screenwriter much.

Poweder Blue is a movie about relationships and their roles in our lives. The movie better tell importance and vitality of relationship and family. We’re desperate and broken without them so we all need them. We all need true and unconditional love. That’s the message I got from the film.

According to me Powder Blue is a movie which is good if you don’t have any other good movies to watch so I won’t recommend you guys to watch the film.