Fracture-Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins Rock

I really loved the movie. There’s no doubt in this thing that Ryan Gosling is a stunning actor (by the way I’m not a gay :D). Anthony Hopkins’ acting is awesome. A lovely mystery story.


All the time while I was watching Fracture, I couldn’t understand that how Ryan Gosling would get punished Anthony Hopkins. Ryan isn’t a right choice for that kind of movies but he done awesome job. He’s suitable for romantic and action movies too.


Again I’d love to write that Anthony Hopkins is a fabulous actor. Romance between Ryan Gosling and lovely Rosamund Pike entertained me too ;). Another awesome thing about story is its happy ending and monster got punished. Am I wrong to say him monster?


8 thoughts on “Fracture-Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins Rock”

  1. Hello Friend,
    You seem to see all the new movies. Can you believe I still haven’t seen “Life of Pi” despite all the awards it got.
    And everyone has loved Silver Linings. I hope you’re well.

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