Happiness For Me Is…

Here I’d describe things and act which make me happy truly.

Happiness is for me is believing that there’s God Who’s seeing all thing happening to me. God Who always protects me. God Who loves me even more than my parents.

Happiness for me is thinking about my future life with my future partner. That really amuses and excites me.

Happiness for me is walking in streets, roads and along side of streams, lakes, river, mountains, jungles and other natural places.

Happiness for me is hugging, tapping and kissing an animal or bird. Even watching an animal and bird makes me feel so amused and pleased. Especially dog.

Happiness is for me is watching professionally made movies with good story.

Happiness for me is hearing my favorite song with earphones and walking here and fro.

Happiness for me is visiting wordpress, reading others’ posts and commenting back to my beloved friends.

Happiness for me is raining. No matter whether its winter or summer. I love voice of raining. I love even thundering rain. I love listening that voice especially when I’m in my bed (without a thunder buddy L)


20 thoughts on “Happiness For Me Is…”

  1. I love your happiness thoughts. All of them, but I think you know I have a soft spot for animals, so I especially liked that one. I can’t wait to see Siver Linings. Been on my list. It’s nice to see & visit with you.

  2. We have the love for birds and animals, and especially dogs, in common. But not the rain (even if I like the noise of it too). It rains too much around here, and in winter it snows too much. Nice post!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, Nafees. I also like the rain. Everything smells so green. And birds…we have four parakeets that free fly around our condo. Mostly they sing and bring joy. Until we meet again…

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