Its Raining-A Super awesome Day Again

I always mention that I love raining. I love walking rain. I love voice of raining around me especially when I’m walking or lying in bed and hearing the voice of raining. That works like a sleeping pill for me.

I think that’s a really simple and inexpensive happiness. We all buy our happiness and most of times these are so expensive. But raining is a free of cost happiness which is a gift from nature for all human beings and every living thing but raining is blessing for creative and artist persons. They more enjoy than other people so do I.

This noon I was out of home when rain started. I loved that. I loved walking back to home in rain. I loved walking through green fields while it was raining. Green plants of wheat were full of rain drops which looked like pearls on them.

Again and soon I’ll go out for eve walk and I’m sure that today I’ll love my walk because cloudy and rainy weather.


16 thoughts on “Its Raining-A Super awesome Day Again”

  1. Hello Nafees,

    I enjoyed reading this post, it may me daydream as I find the rain both soothing and romantic. I love hearing the rain when it is night time, I love the smell of clean air. I sometimes like walking in the rain too.

    Take care,

  2. Nafees, my friend, I wanted to ask if you knew that WordAds only pays to a paypal account. If you do not have a paypal account, you can’t get paid for the ads. I wanted to know if you still wanted the domain name for $18. Let me know. Talk soon.

    1. thanks a lot, Barb. I know that. if I get paid I’ll give them your address if you dont mind. You know I can use someone else address to receive money. Have an awesome day

  3. I hope that we all will appreciate the rain from time to time. I do feel it brings us flowers, green buds and grass, along with some negative ions which are really positive for our lives!

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