Our Homes-Our Safest Places On The Earth

There’s no doubt in this thing that we feel so much comfortable and peaceful at home especially in our rooms. We can spend hard day at work out of home but sensation of home and feeling of privacy make us feel better and energetic again.

Although I should write “My Home-My Safest Place On The Earth” but I included other people too because my observation and experience. You know men and women especially women take time to make a relationship and moving in with someone because it is about personal life and sharing homes. Relationships are case sensitive.

Most of times I experienced that when I come back to home from a journey or spending a hard day out then being at home made me feel so pleased. I can’t explain myself much but I’m sure that you guys better know about importance of the topic.

Especially that could be more comfortable and cozy if you’ve someone beloved at home waiting for you such as your partner and children or your sweet pet. Especially homes are so special things for women because they are attached to homes more than men. You know women are interested in decorating matters and also they are more private type than men so this is why they are securer about homes.


10 thoughts on “Our Homes-Our Safest Places On The Earth”

  1. I heard recently that our home should be our “sanctuary.” I love that. Also…that our closest relationship here on earth should be a sanctuary where we may freely express our deepest emotions without fear of rejection. I would like to be such a person for others! Blessings—

  2. You have such a gentle way of caring and expressing yourself. I liked this post about home. I like “Home is where your heart is.” You can be anywhere as long as someone who cares is with you, you are home or safe. I also think a sweet pet is a nice animal that welcomes you. All good!

  3. My dear sweet little brother, what a lovely post and one I can relate too. You know I’m about to get divorced and leaving my home is one of the hardest parts. But again home is where the heart is and I will make another house my home. Love to you little brother! Hugs your Big Sis xxxx

    1. aw thanks a lot, big sis 🙂 I’m really sorry for what happening with you. I pray for you to live a happy and pleasant life. Yeah home is where heart is. Best wishes and prayers for new life. Huge hugs from lil bro

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