Pleasant Thing Happened Yesterday

Days are boring, no fun, no excitement and no joy. More job thing sucking a lot. So you can say that I’ve been unhappy days and nights. But as I told you that watching animals and birds make me feel so pleased and amused.

Last evening as usual I was coming back to home after evening walk. I passed by some road dogs. We get interact daily nearly so they know me and they don’t bark at me. Otherwise they bark at strangers or suspicious people.

They were barking, they are a family actually. The dogs were supporting their mother dog. When I passed by them, she didn’t bark because she knew even it was dark there but you know dogs have sense to recognize people even in dark.

But a little puppy; her most little son didn’t know me so he or she barked at me. That was so cute and amusing barking. I enjoyed. When his or her family members didn’t support him or her then the puppy stopped barking. I assumed that the puppy barked at me but I enjoyed the puppy’s effort to be with its family.

I think I couldn’t express me very well what I felt that time but in short words that was a most pleasant moment for me yesterday.


10 thoughts on “Pleasant Thing Happened Yesterday”

  1. I believe I know how you felt. The puppy was brave, thinking he was helping to alert his family to danger. When he realized the others felt no danger, he stopped barking and took the time to know your scent and your voice. I am glad you are finding joy in the little things. I will keep looking to help you find a way to be more independent, my friend. Much love in Christ.

  2. Animals are the sweetest creatures on this earth, little brother. That’s why you felt joy. Don’t be down, Nafees. Sometimes in life when things are a bit low, if we look carefully there will be joy somewhere! I just ate lunch at a sushi restaurant with my son and my stomach feels joy!! lol
    Hugs my little brother…..Big Sis xxxxxxxxx

  3. It’s amazing and wonderful how sometimes it’s the simple things in life that can lift us up, like your interaction with those dogs.

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