Positive and Negative Things Happened Today

Positive Thing:

You know daily I go on a walk after noon and come back home around sun set time. Usually I visit stream (made of rainy water) and today I went there. That place is around three kilo meter away from the place where I live. It was so nice and amusing there. I heard just noise of flowing water and no other noise or voice. All I was seeing greenery, trees, plain, lake and partially cloudy sky.

I really enjoyed there. I sat there for around thirty minutes. I felt so comfortable and relieved. That thing killed my depression and tensions. My worries were flowing with stream made from rainy water.

Negative Thing:

When I was coming back to home from the stream then in the way I heard a puppy crying. I couldn’t see the puppy but I saw around eight years old dirty girl beating and making cry a little dog. The puppy was crying and wanted to run away but that dirty girl didn’t let him run away.

Sadder thing was that there were many other people and kids but no one was noticing that. No one was daring to save that innocent puppy. Even I didn’t have courage to stop that girl because I wasn’t able to face a trouble alone. Then maybe that little puppy found a safe place from that evil girl and I didn’t heard him crying. But that thing made me feel so sad.


40 thoughts on “Positive and Negative Things Happened Today”

  1. I really hate that Nafees, especially when you feel helpless to rescue the poor thing :(. I am glad you at least enjoyed a wonderful experience today to. Happy Easter my friend.

  2. Hi, Nafees. I understand the situation. I’m sad for your heart because I know you’re suffering because of the choice you had to make. You are a kind-hearted soul.

      1. I’ll be hiding Easter eggs for my little one. What about you? I hope you have a great weekend, too. 🙂

      2. I do. I know all about it. But still, I’ve dreamed of living in that part of the world since I was very young…

      3. julie, then dont waste your time, come and live here. I bet your thoughts will get changed.Wish you best of luck but I cant hide facts.

      4. I know you’re right. I know of the struggles, the politics, the strife and even the natural disasters which have consumed your country.

      5. Thank you. I have a tendency to romanticize the world from reading too many books…

        All the best.

      6. Ibn ‘Arabi said, “The movement which is the existence of the universe is the movement of love.”

  3. Hello darling little brother. It’s sad how some people seem to get enjoyment out of hurting animals.
    Walking away from that is hard but you did what you thought was best. It could have got ugly and many terrible things said if you had confronted the girl. Like you said there was others around and if they said nothing little brother it’s because their hearts not as beautiful as yours. Happy Easter and cheer up and remember that beautiful time you spent by the stream. Your Big Sis is hugging you. xxxxxxxxoooo

  4. Hi Nafees, sorry to hear about this bad experience 😦 It’s hard to do the thing you know is right sometimes, but I hope your prayers reached the puppy. Remember Karma… one day, we can hope, that little girl will realise what she did to the poor animal, and she will have to live with that thought for the rest of her life.
    Be at peace, my friend – change what you can when you can, and accept some things are outside of your control.
    Blessings be x

  5. I am sad also for the puppy. I am sure it might have been a bad time if you had intervened. But sometimes it is worth it for our conscience. Maybe next time you can say, “Hey, that’s not nice!” and see if the girl looks up and notices your concern. Not to touch or yell, just a gentle comment. Hopefully, your prayers were answered. You are a good person.

    1. thank you very much for your words and concern. Yeah, sure next time I’ll try that. But I know them. They are my people. Have awesome time there.

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