The Wicked-One of My Most Favorite Horror Movies

I loved just few horror films such as Wrong Turn, The Collector and The Collection etc. I came to know about The Wicked incidentally when my cousin was searching for good movies and The Wicked attracted us because its imdb rating which was 9.3. But now today when checked imdb profile of the movie then it shocked me that its imdb rating is just 3.6.

Whatever I really really loved The Wicked so I don’t have any hesitation in recommending the film to you guys. I’m sure you all guys will love The Wicked. After long time a movie really entertained me. So now The Wicked has become one of my most favorite movies.

I was really scared while I was watching The Wicked ever there were some really pretty girl in the movie πŸ˜‰ I really love camping especially camping in forests. But I never experienced camping. I’d love to go on camping with my love or lovely people. That’s my dream you can say. But I’ll not expect a dangerous witch there as it was in The Wicked πŸ˜€

I wont tell you story of something else because you read and view on search engines and other useful websites. But here I’ve described my feelings for The Wicked. Again I’d love to recommend the film to my dear blogger friends. Watch the film especially at night around 11 P.M.


21 thoughts on “The Wicked-One of My Most Favorite Horror Movies

  1. Hello dear little brother. I am sooo not a camper. lol I’m so scared of snakes never mind witches. πŸ™‚
    I get really scared watching these type of movies. I’m a big sook. lol Hugs Big Sis xxx

  2. I just watched The Collector last week. It started of shaky but the plot got a lot better as time went on. I like my horror villains to have lots of character. I felt a bit disconnected from him. He didn’t have many line. Or maybe I am just be a horror film snob.

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