Life’s Big Decisions-Relationships and Profession

I think I’ve not been writing something new for weeks. Life is so boring nowadays. I’m a bit tensed and depressed because of relationship and profession thing. I’ve given a lot of time from my life to online dating and movies but I couldn’t get output. Now I’m at the end my struggles and efforts. I’m tired now. You guys know that online dating isn’t that easy to deal with. But I tried because I didn’t have and don’t have another option.

That’s same with profession thing. I love fiction and movies are my most favorite part of fiction. I always wanna be connected with films but even this couldn’t happen. Life can be heaven if you’re with right partner and working your right profession. That’s what I want. I want to work in my profession but even I couldn’t find a job locally here. Even a job like waiter etc. Relationship thing is sucking more. I can’t find or date a girl locally because of social values and restrictions. So online is only option which I can use to find my love and partner. Even that’s not working for me.

Now I don’t have much courage to handle this online dating and job thing. I’ve only light that if I could get UK or any other European country’s student visa where I could study about films and also could find my love locally there.

But things aren’t in my control. Soon I’ll find that what option I could use to make my future life better. But I’m too much excieted about my future married life. I can compromise about my profession and job but I’m so desperate to have real love in my life. I really wanna love someone and be loved back.  Wish me lucky, friends. Thanks and have an awesome Sunday.


60 thoughts on “Life’s Big Decisions-Relationships and Profession”

  1. Hi Nafees! I’ve read everyone’s comments so I won’t be repetitive, instead I’ll just say that I agree. God is all knowing and you will be just fine! Have a beautiful day 🙂

  2. I know that you are feeling down and upset but as everyone else has already said …don’t give up as the moment you think its over the new chapter of life starts there…and you would love to witness that yourself my dear….God bless you!

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