Life’s Big Decisions-Relationships and Profession

I think I’ve not been writing something new for weeks. Life is so boring nowadays. I’m a bit tensed and depressed because of relationship and profession thing. I’ve given a lot of time from my life to online dating and movies but I couldn’t get output. Now I’m at the end my struggles and efforts. I’m tired now. You guys know that online dating isn’t that easy to deal with. But I tried because I didn’t have and don’t have another option.

That’s same with profession thing. I love fiction and movies are my most favorite part of fiction. I always wanna be connected with films but even this couldn’t happen. Life can be heaven if you’re with right partner and working your right profession. That’s what I want. I want to work in my profession but even I couldn’t find a job locally here. Even a job like waiter etc. Relationship thing is sucking more. I can’t find or date a girl locally because of social values and restrictions. So online is only option which I can use to find my love and partner. Even that’s not working for me.

Now I don’t have much courage to handle this online dating and job thing. I’ve only light that if I could get UK or any other European country’s student visa where I could study about films and also could find my love locally there.

But things aren’t in my control. Soon I’ll find that what option I could use to make my future life better. But I’m too much excieted about my future married life. I can compromise about my profession and job but I’m so desperate to have real love in my life. I really wanna love someone and be loved back.  Wish me lucky, friends. Thanks and have an awesome Sunday.


60 thoughts on “Life’s Big Decisions-Relationships and Profession

  1. Don’t give up. A lot of the time the really good things in life turn up when you least expect them. No luck required, have faith it will happen and let it surprise you when it does. 🙂

  2. Everything will fall in place when the right time comes, best wishes!
    If any time left I wish you read my latest short story….it won’t give u any tips on what you are facing but I trust you will love it… 🙂

  3. Like what everyone else said to you, everything will fall into place at the right time. There was a time where I was at the same place like yourself. If you just let go, and enjoy life day-by-day than you will feel love no matter what. There’s no time to waste on sad moments, find a light in each of them and continue forward. I hope you find this helpful

  4. If you lose hope, then when you actually come across the emotions you seek they will not be able to untie the blinfold of dissapointment you tied across your eyes. Lol trust me been there done that we just have to believe in Father Time, read my experiences and conversation with Fathe Time. Don’t Lose Faith in Father Time; he will bless you with good times soon.

  5. Dear Nafees,

    I am so sad that you feel this way, you are such a beautiful person filled with so much heart and a lovely soul. You deserve only the best, and one day you will find it, I promise.

    Take care,
    Caterina x

  6. You are a very handsome man. You do deserve to find someone to love. Is there any way your father could help you meet someone your age? Maybe he could speak to the mother of a girl you are attracted to and ask them to come over for a meal. I know you need a job desperately, too. I always remember you in my prayers. Bess of luck and God bless.

    • aw thanks a lot, Barb. I really appreciate your suggestion but you know that way is like an arrange marriage. That way I’ll marry a girl without knowing her. So who knows that our ages ll be same but our minds and understanding ll be different. That ll suck in future life. Arrange marriage is like a lottery so I cant take risk. Thanks again. Yeah I need a job too.

  7. My darling little brother don’t despair. I hug you 🙂 I know it’s really hard for you where you live to get a job etc, but one day you will see your world will shine and then it will all make sense. Don’t give up looking for either things. You are worthy of happiness and a wife and one day you will get both. You will be a wonderful husband and father. And I will be a happy aunty! Haha Hugs Big Sis xxxxxxx

  8. I can also say don’t give up, as your life is in your hands. Only you can create your future, and make things happen. You need to keep your thoughts positive and believe that something wonderful is going to happen. There is this wonderful book from Cathie Barash, whose blog I am following , and I am reading it at the moment about relationship. It is brillinant and it might help with your thoughts. This is the blog:
    and this is the book: “The right relationship starts with you
    It might help you, I find it really good and can only recommend it.

  9. Nafees, things will get better with time. Take one step at a time and deep breaths. (works for me) Pray! (Works for me) You have to remain optimistic, even when it hurts. Hang in there buddy!

  10. Hey,…
    Why don’t you get the paid version of wordpress? and another idea i have for you is.. start writing books… you will get a lot… speaking about love… you will find it eventually…. online dating ain’t worth …. it’s what i feel….. good luck

    • Hi Sammy, thanks. I tried to earn with wordpress but even couldnt purchase the domain because they didnt accept my debit card and PayPal doesnt work here in Pakistan. i’m not a writer actually but i started to write earn money and get in touch with nice people like you. Thanks and have an awesome day

  11. Don’t worry about finding a love, it will happen. First work on yourself and your career. And in the meantime the right woman will come along.

  12. I’m sure you’ve heard this, BUT you can’t rush anything! Profession, love, marriage- anything.
    I suggest that you let things happen, start something new- new experiences lead to meeting new people and lead to new journeys in life. I’ve learned from a great friend that once you open yourself to fate and life’s enjoyments as they come, you will really surprise yourself at what crosses your path!

    I’m definitely “Team Nafees”!!!

    • aw thanks a lot for your time and kind words. Yeah thats what every sensible and sincere person told me and now you did. But its hard to not trying when you need something. Anyways I’d try my best. Thanks again.

  13. Hi Nafees! I’ve read everyone’s comments so I won’t be repetitive, instead I’ll just say that I agree. God is all knowing and you will be just fine! Have a beautiful day 🙂

  14. I know that you are feeling down and upset but as everyone else has already said …don’t give up as the moment you think its over the new chapter of life starts there…and you would love to witness that yourself my dear….God bless you!

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