Another Boring Weekend Is Coming

Its Friday here and tonight will be Friday night but no thrill and no excitement. Life is so boring and dull. Nothing to chill but useless hopes and dreams which make me feel tired now.

Two days ago I felt a great happiness while I was walking towards the stream which is like a tiny river. Then clouds were flying over my head. Although that was a sunny morning but then it had become a cloudy noon.

When I reached by the stream then winds are blowing. I was lying on the surface by the stream. That was so pleasant. No other voice but noise of flowing water. I was staring at running clouds then I felt a rain drop on my forehead. That was like a kiss on a virgin body. First feeling of joy and first touch of love. Then series of those “kisses” started and I stepped back towards home.

That’s the only pleasant incident happened in last days but no other joyful thing to share. I’ve decided to give more time to working out because it makes feel relaxed and also builds my body. Once I visited a gym with my two other friends then gym instructor found me more suitable for body building. My body loves exercising. Have an awesome weekend, my wordpress friends.


15 thoughts on “Another Boring Weekend Is Coming”

  1. Happiness depends on circumstances outside of yourself. Joy is a state of being and it is our choice. This is a gift from God – that we can be joyful even in pain, trouble, loneliness, fear. I bless you to feel joy at all times Nafees…

    1. thank you very much. Yeah thats so true that pleasure is in little things. They are free and easy to get but we always get attracted to expensive pleasures.

  2. Hello my darling little brother. Working out releases endorphines and makes us happy. Brilliant for our minds and body. 🙂 I love closing my eyes and feeling the wind blowing on my face. Like the stream flowing…that’s the true beauty little brother of our world. 🙂 Take comfort in nature as you do… it will bring you peace. Your Big Sis is thinking of you. Be happy. 🙂 xxxx

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