My Soul To Take- A Nice Horror Movie

Few days ago I watched a nice horror film My Soul To Take. Maybe many mature and sensible movie geeks won’t have liked the film but I liked it because thrill and mystery in the story. Although story is a bit hard to believe but you know fiction is fiction.

Wes Carven seems a professional director and screenwriter. More, horror seems his favorite genre. He made some great horror movies in past.

I’m sure horror movie geeks gonna love My Soul To Take. Especially when you watch that movie on weekend nights around 11 or 12 AM with lights turn out and everybody sleeping in the house. In that kind of situation you gonna love to see My Soul To Take.


2 thoughts on “My Soul To Take- A Nice Horror Movie”

  1. I love horror movies, but in real life I am a total baby! I can’t stand the sight of blood and can’t even watch hospital shows! But give me a good zombie flick – and I’m in heaven!

    1. thank you very much for visiting, liking and commenting. Yeah sometimes horror movies really scar us especially with blood. Thats why i’ve never watched saw movies.

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