Its Age of Romantic Movies

I’m not talking about whole world but its my age of romantic films. Yeah, I really watching a professionally made romantic movie. Especially Bollywood is best at making romantic and comedy films.

My all top romantic stories are from Bollywood film industry. Today I watched trailer of an upcoming Bollywood film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. That seemed a heart touching emotional story of love. I’m not gonna miss that movie.

I love Hollywood romantic movies too but a movie hasn’t impressed me for long time. Deepika Padukone. I love her acting especially when plays her roles in emotional scenes. Her smile is so heart touching. On the other hand Ranbir Kapoor is heartbeat of every young Indian girl. No doubt that he’s so handsome and talented actor.

Romantic movies are true fantasy and fiction for me because I’ve never had romance in my life so I’m so excited about that kind of films and stories. It really touches my heart when at last two lovers meet each other and start living together after some hardships in their relationships.


8 thoughts on “Its Age of Romantic Movies”

    1. thank you very very much. You know India and Pakistan nearly have same cultures and society values. India and Pakistan’s total population is close to 2 billions. So they have a huge impact on rest of the world. Bollywood is best romantic and comedy movies.

      1. I dont love our cultures but when its about love then its so exciting and challenging too. You know love isnt easy to get here even two persons love each other. They cant get together because other people dont want them together.

      2. I have heard about that problem where both people have to be from the same social class and also about parents making their kids’ decisions. We see that stuff here because we have so many people here from your part of the world, so it sometimes even happens in Canada. Still, your movies seem so light-hearted.

      3. yeah thats true. I appreciate your knowledge. You should watch Bollywood movie “Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gay”. That is made in Canada and more special thing is that Katrina Kaif acted in that film. She looks like you.

      4. okay, best of luck for finding the movie. wow. Little India. Thats cool. I wish I was there in lil India to ask you out 😉

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