Eminem Acted Awesomely In 8 Mile

It was 2 A.M and I was 8 Mile. That is a really cool, calm and quiet time for me to watch movies.

I read a lot about Eminem and he was just a rapper for me but after watching 8 Mile I can write that he’s a great actor too. I always say that actors, directors, producers, screenwriters, writers, lyricists, dancers etc all are artists and same versions.

That’s same with Eminem. He’s not only an awesome rapper but an actor and producer too. 8 Mile is a lovely story which I really loved. There’s love of family and friends in 8 Mile which really attracted my heart. I got emotional after watching some scenes.

The movie proves that broken hearts create something special. Jimmy (Eminem) is a broken heart and disturbed guy in the film but he creates really special words which amuse hearts and minds.

8 Mile is a great story of struggle and emotions. You can say that 8 Mile has become one of few movies which encouraged and motivated to follow me to never give up rule. I’m not sure that it can be real biography of Eminem but I’m sure that he would have spent nearly similar life.

Months ago I had watched Magic Mike with Channing Tatum. That movie is nearly true biography of Channing Tatum. But the film looked more fictional. But 8 Mile is a movie which is really closer to reality. That’s why I really loved 8 Mile and Eminem’s acting.


6 thoughts on “Eminem Acted Awesomely In 8 Mile”

  1. 8 Mile is one of my favorites. Eminem was great as well as the entire cast. Michael Shannon and Anthony Mackie started getting noticed after their roles here. Good review! 🙂

    1. thanks a lot, Gary. Yeah everyone done awesome but you know Eminem is a big celebrity so I highlighted him just but surely director and screenwriter deserve appreciation too.

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