Is There Chris Gayle’s Lil Bro with Eminem in 8 Mile?

If you guys watch cricket matches and movies both then after watching Eminem’s movie 8 Mile you’d say same thing. Yeah Mekhi Phifer who played role of Davide ‘Future’ Porter in 8 Mile, looks like famous West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle.

I loved his role in the movie. He seems so sincere, honest and loyal friend who stands with Jimmy (Eminem) in all challenging situations. That’s true friendship and we all need that kind of friends in our lives to survive and to live happy.

More, cricket lovers know that it’s a so special day for Chris Gayle because today he played a fabulous and spectacular inning in IPL, India. He broke and made some records because of his historical inning today. Check out both of them and let me know that whether I’m right or not.


13 thoughts on “Is There Chris Gayle’s Lil Bro with Eminem in 8 Mile?”

  1. Mekhi Phifer is in a lot of good stuff. “Soul Food” was really good back in the day. If you haven’t seen that one I think you’d like it. You could also look on IMDB and look at Mekhi Phifer’s film resume and see if some of his other films interested you. He’s a good actor. 🙂

  2. Did you see that you are one of my top 10 Most Inspiring Blogger Award nominations. You would tell 7 new things about yourself, also write 15 of your choices. I did not follow the rules but please try to copy the award onto yours! Take care! Robin

    1. thank you very much. Yeah I know but you know that I never participated that kind of awards so I’m really really sorry. But thanks a lot again. Have an awesome time, Robin.

  3. I watched him bat, he sure is someone who can clear boundary ropes even with mishits. I am from Karnataka, so i am a huge RCB fan. 100 in 30 balls?? And to think that a 60 ball century was impossible to imagine some years ago.Gayle is awesome.

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