Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe Nose To Nose In Broken City

Last night I finished watching Broken City. I watched the movie in three or four nights because every time I felt sleepy while I was watching it. That means Broken City make me felt a bit bored.

I won’t appreciate film director and screenwriter because I don’t think so that they couldn’t create a good piece of art for movie geeks. But there’s no doubt in this thing that Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones done awesome jobs. Especially I’d love to appreciate Russell Crow who played his negative role awesomely.

Mark Wahlberg appears in as usual role; punching bad asses. That’s what I love about that guy. Especially I really loved his role in Shooter. My all time favorite movie. I love watching his movies because they are full of action and thrill.

Also I tried to watch “Soul Food”, recommended by my WordPress friend Gary. But I’m really really sorry, Gary that I couldn’t enjoy the film. Lets see that now which movie I watch next time. Movies are so special thing for me you know. They heal my soul.

Weekend would have come in Australia nearly so I send weekend wishes for my Australian friends and wishes for Friday night.


5 thoughts on “Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe Nose To Nose In Broken City”

  1. Aw man, sorry you didn’t like it. I just thought you may like it b/c Mekhi Phifer was in it. Better luck next time. 🙂

  2. Hey little brother. Shooter sad awesome! Hard movie to top, right? 🙂 I haven’t seen this movie so can’t comment. I’m going to Copen Hagen tomorrow, cant wait! Hugs Big Sis xxxx

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